UROP Project

Introduction of the user experience in the semantic parametric building design



Jan Müller

Program Director UROP


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UROP International
Computational Engineering Science
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Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD)
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Computer Skills:
.NET framework, C#, SQL
Univ.-Prof. Peter Russell, M.Arch.


Building Information Modelling is an innovative approach to building design and building project management, which is based on modelling with semantic building objects and parametric interdependencies between them and their properties. BIM has two crucial advantages compared to classical CAD design approaches. The first refers to the extendibility of the semantic content within a building model and a building project, which allows to include custom aspects in the design and optimisation process as for example life cycle energy analysis or recyclability of materials, sustainability related domains, which are not available in the standardised BIM semantic content. The next advantage is the mechanism of parametric rules, which allow to restrict but also to enable properties and aspects of the building behaviour over its life cycle.


Although building projects are hardly imaginable out of the human context, the user is not represented in the semantic modelling systems yet. In this project, the task is to exemplarily explore the extendibility of the semantic of the user profile and the user profile properties and the integration as a set of parameters of the building design process. Your tasks: 1. Getting to know the BIM tool and its API 2. Creating an object class for the user and defining exemplary properties of the user profile in the semantic model 3. Creating a DB corresponding to the definition of the user profies and user profiles properties; establishing a link to BIM to assign and modify the values to the user profile properties in the modelling process 4. Investigation the possible rules to constrain the design concept based on the user profile and the user profile properties (optional depending on the skills and the interest of the student)


No prior knowledge of BIM tools is compulsory. The UROP project time line includes an introduction phase, in which the student will have the chance to get to know the BIM tool and its API. In this project of greatest relevance is the readiness to experiment and learn and the capability of finding/proposing unorthodox solutions to problems.