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UROP Abroad
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School of Architecture: The minimum cost housing group.
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English and working knowledge of French would be an asset


For long time, agriculture has not been a part of Western cities, because during the post war years of economic and urban development growing of food was pushed beyond the urban limits. The food production is manly located outside the city borders, but in last decade, this trend is getting reversed with the development and spread of urban agriculture. The urban agriculture initiatives are often driven by volunteers, but also architects, landscape architects and urban designers are considering it integrally in developing new building projects and urban places with the positive effect of contributing to locally based food systems.


The task of the UROP project will be to look at different urban agriculture initiatives and analyze them. How do they work in the city as part of the urban system and particularly in the urban landscape? How do they organize their space and how public is it? This could be done via digital mapping, by drawing plans and diagrams, or in text format. Are there crucial differences among the initiatives concerning for example the organization, the handling of the produced food, the economy, the motivation of the gardeners or their aspiration to be sustainable? The objective is to focus on differences and find other variations based on case studies and analysis and present them on comparative basis.


It is important to have interest in the field of the developments connecting agriculture with the city. Ability to observe and record diverse community and design projects and activities using both graphic and other audio-visual and narrative tools are required.

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McGill University Montreal