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Welding Processes Simulation



Daniel Holder

Program Director UROP


+49 241 80-90695


Key Info

Basic Information

Project Offer-Number:
UROP International
Computational Engineering Science
Organisation unit:
ISF Welding and Joining Institute
Language Skills:
Fluency in English or German
Computer Skills:
Profound knowledge in OpenFOAM, ANSYS CFX or any other CFD simulation software
Capacity for teamwork


Process modelling stands for the simulation of a process using mathematical-physical laws and/or methods of artificial intelligence. Process simulation is to be understood as a virtual sequence of a process by using the process models with the objective of determining the geometrical, metallurgical and mechano-technological process results. In many technical applications, either the mathematical connection or the process are very complex which makes it sometimes impossible to find exact solutions or which require high expenditure of numerical operations. Computer-assisted simulations which in times of increasing computer capacities are getting more and more important are, therefore, highly appropriate. The simulations allow faster and more precise handling of a great variety of testing scenarios. In general, material-saving and less expensive pre-dimensioning is thus possible and also the design of experiments.


Your task will be the implementation of a simulation model in a CFD simulation software, e.g. OpenFOAM or ANSYS CFX, that connects the energy input of the beam by absorption and reflection with the heat transfer in solid and liquid phases. Therefore you will have to generate a 3D-mesh, define boundary conditions and execute a numerical study based on computational simulation. There is also the option to execute a corresponding experimental study and compare the simulation results with the experimental results.


- Basic knowledge in flow simulation based on heat transfer simulation - Successful completion of academic courses in physics and/or mathematics