UROP Project

Experimental Pose Evaluation for Underground Robotics



Jan Müller

Program Director UROP


+49 241 80-90299


Key Info

Basic Information

Project Offer-Number:
UROP International
Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering
Organisation unit:
Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT)
Language Skills:
English and/or German
Computer Skills:
Some programming skills (either C++, Python or Matlab), Optional: experience with Linux, Some knowledge of Robot Operating System (ROS)
- Work in a comfortable and creative environment within a focused team; - Aachen is a big center of engineering; - Aachen is located in the three country corner, lots to see and travel; - Students get a regional train pass to travel around; - Institute is located right next to the city center, everything is around
Prof. Dr.-Ing. K. Nienhaus


As part of the research project "Underground 4D+ Positioning, Navigation and Mapping System" a mobile autonomous and intelligent robot system is being developed. Pose is the position and orientation. The robot is using different sensors, evaluated and combined in a filter algorithm to locate itself. Errors and effects on the pose finding have to be analyzed and evaluated to improve the behavior of the robot. We at AMT (Advanced Mining Technology) are committed to providing technologies and system solutions for harsh environments like in mining and heavy machinery construction. Resource efficiency, safety and social responsibility are our vision and mission. Our diverse team strives to always provide excellent and at the same time viable solutions. We provide a creative workplace to research innovative ideas and deliver outstanding results.


- Develop scenarios for experiments - Use Clearpath Robotics “Jackal” and/or the underground robot equipped with different sensors for experiments - Evaluate data recorded from different sensors - Adapt experiments and sensor settings - Possible: Prepare for tests in actual underground mine with the real robot


- Research oriented mindset - Interest in practical experiments and work with sensors - Strong problem solving skills - Mathematical skills