UROP Abroad

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UROP Abroad offers highly qualified undergraduate RWTH students the opportunity to conduct a research project at selective research facilities or universities in the US and Canada, and thus gain insight into practical research as well as intercultural experience.



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Strategy The Americas and Australia


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Research in North America

All RWTH undergraduate students can participate in UROP Abroad from their second year of study till the end of their Bachelor's.

UROP Abroad projects may take place at any time in the year and are not subject to specific program dates or deadlines. Projects should last at least two months. Projects can be conducted during the semester or in the lecture-free period; research supervisors can specify a time frame and a number of working hours per week.


There are 15 mobility scholarships per year for UROP Abroad projects; the monthly stipend is 600 Euros per month for a maximum project duration of six months. You can apply for a scholarship as soon as you have received the supervision confirmation from a researcher at the host university or research institution; the application form will be sent to you.

Nina Bailly Copyright: © Martin Braun

I was, however, so excited about the Canadian university that I applied for a UROP research scholarship before my second stay abroad. I got talking to the IO and it just so happened that the universities were having talks about collaborating at the time. I was very lucky to be able to represent RWTH Aachen University as an ambassador at the University of Waterloo.

Nina Bailly