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At RWTH you can find excellent students, good lectures and difficult exams. And of course an impressive richness and variety in resources, as for example hardware and software, professors and cooperations.

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Studies or an Internship/Final Paper?

Do you want to take courses and exams during your stay at RWTH Aachen? Or would you prefer to conduct a project or internship or write your final paper under a professor at our university? You should ask yourself these basic questions before applying. You can also combine both options. We recommend doing this over a stay for two-semesters.


English Language Modules

Please note: The course lists are subject to changes and might not be up-to-date. Please contact your departmental coordinator to receive information about the current course offer.


Studies: Seminars, Lectures, Exams

If you would like to take courses, you must choose courses in advance from the RWTHonline course catalogue and include them in your Learning Agreement. The Learning Agreement is not the binding registration for the courses. This takes place after your arrival.

The majority of the courses of study offered at RWTH Aachen are in German. Please inform yourself about the language prerequisites for exchange students.

English Language Courses of Study and Modules

In the comprehensive overview of courses of study at RWTH Aachen you can filter by language of instruction and find out if RWTH Aachen offers something in English in your field.

Aside from the courses of study taught completely in English, some faculties offer individual modules in English. Exchange students can participate in these modules. The modules are offered on rotation, meaning they repeat every summer or winter semesters. Changes to the schedule may be made.

A requirement for participating in these English-language modules is that they are offered by the faculty, with which your home university has an exchange agreement. Students from partner universities, with which we have a university-wide agreement, are exempt from this rule.

Exchange students completing their Bachelor's studies at their home university, can also participate in the English-language Master's modules if they fulfill the technical and subject requirements.

The English-language modules regularly offered by the faculties are listed below. Please note that you must check if seminars are currently being offered for the respective semester.

English-language modules at the Faculty of Civil Engineering

English-language modules at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

English-language modules at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Course catalogue of the School of Business and Economics


Students, who are coming to RWTH Aachen for one or two semesters and would like to attend courses, seminars, and lectures, but are not part of an exchange or mobility program, are called Free Movers. Please read about applying as a Free Mover (non-exchange).


Project Work or Final Paper

You have the possibility to write your final paper or work on a project under the supervision of a RWTH Aachen professor. To do so, it is important you find an Academic Supervisor at our university early on. This means you need to find a supervisor before you submit your application. In Germany, students typically find a supervisor on their own.

When we receive your application, we check and see if your supervisor is at RWTH Aachen. If you are completing a project work or internship, you must also submit a Learning Agreement, which must be signed by your faculty and your international office or a Training Agreement, which must be signed by your supervisor at RWTH Aachen directly.

If you are working on a project and are not part of an exchange or mobility program but rather have independently sought out a supervisor for your project without a partnership agreement with RWTH, please apply as a Visiting Project Student.


Additional Information Available from the Faculties

You can get all the information about courses, credits, language requirements for a specific course, exams, transcripts, and brief subject-related questions directly from the Departmental Coordinator at your responsible faculty at RWTH Aachen.