Application for T.I.M.E. Program for Incomings



Elina Krause

Incoming Student Services and REST Guidelines / IDEA League network coordinator


+49 241 80-90831



For information about application formalities please contact the coordinator at your home university. Your home university is responsible for the first phase of the application procedure.

After successfully applying to the T.I.M.E double master program at your home university, you will be able to register at RWTH Aachen. The registration process is as follows:

Step 1

Register in the online portal for incomings.

Upload your complete application documents to the online registration form.

Required documents:

  • Transcript of Records, (an overview of your academic achievements at your home university)
  • Letter of motivation, one to two pages
  • CV, one to two pages

Step 2

After registering online, please print out the online application. This form must be signed by the Departmental Coordinator at your home university. We also accept electronically signed documents.

Step 3

Send us the signed form by . No further documents are required.

Application Deadlines
Winter semester May 31
Summer semester January 31