Free Mover – Non-Exchange


Your Application Procedure

Step 1

Register in the online portal for incomings and complete the application “Incoming online form, non-exchange.”

Upload your complete application documents to the online registration form.

Required documents:


Important Information

Free Movers who are planning to study architecture need to have at least C1 German language skills and send proof of this during their application!

Students who do not meet this requirement may not apply.As of summer semester 2017, the Faculty of Medicine can no longer accept any Free Mover applications due to limited capacity.


Step 2

After registering online, please save your online application form as a PDF file.

Step 3

Please send us your application form by . No further documents are required.

Your application process is complete once your application has been received by email, and if received by the deadline.

Further information can be found at our application for incomings webpage or in our step-by-step guide.


Application Deadlines

Semester Application Deadline

Winter Semester
October 1 to March 31

May 31 / March 31 for China, India, Turkey

Sommer Semester
April 1 to September 30

January 31 / November 30 for China, India, Turkey