Planning Your Stay


Living in Aachen

How and where can you find an affordable apartment or shared flat in Aachen? Can you apply for a room in a student dorm and how does that work? You can find the questions, and answers, about housing and life in Aachen on our pages about apartment hunting.



It is also important to us that you integrate into Aachen quickly. Before you arrive, please register with the BeBuddy Program from the International Office. Participation is voluntary, however, we strongly recommend that you register. You'll quickly find contacts and meet new people.

BeBuddy Program

How can you come into contact with RWTH students even before your arrival to Aachen? It's simple: just register for BeBuddy! This mentoring program from the International Office assigns each international student a RWTH student, who is available to them for advice and assistance.

Student Initiatives and Organizations

There are a number of student initiatives and organizations at RWTH Aachen for various topics. Some of these organizations provide special information material for their target group. Whether it's international affairs, sports, culture, volunteer work, or shaping the University – get an overview of the organizations and contact them – they are happy to gain new members and that you're interested!



Please make sure that you arrive at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester in order to attend the Welcome Week and complete the first steps in Aachen. The enrollment process will be sent to you via email. Read the details about enrollment for exchange and program students.

Please pay attention to our semester dates when planning your stay:



Winter Semester

October 1 to March 31

  • Lecture period: beginning of October to the beginning of February
  • Exam period: beginning of February to the end of March

Summer Semester

April 1 to September 30

  • Lecture period: mid-April to the end of July
  • Exam period: end of July to the end of September

The academic year begins with the winter semester. The start and end of the lecture periods varies each year. Please make note of the current semester dates.


Formalities Before Beginning Studies

Visa, residence questions, insurance – before you can start your studies at RWTH Aachen, there are a few formalities to take care of. We have summarized the most important ones for you here:

Visa and residence matters

Enrollment for Incoming Students

Health insurance and other insurance

Accident insurance, private liability insurance

Mobility of students and researchers from non-EU countries with a valid residence permit in an EU country