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Studying for a Europe Without Borders

Erasmus +, which stands for "European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students," was introduced with the aim of increasing academic mobility and thus to make it possible for as many students as possible to complete at least part of their studies abroad in another European country and learn another language.

Advantages of an Erasmus+ Study Stay

  • Academic recognition of qualifications obtained abroad
  • Tuition fees waived at the host university
  • Funding for additional costs that arise due to being abroad
  • Assistance with preparations (academic, language, organizational)
  • Preparation for future employment in a Europe without borders

Current Information

  • You can study in the United Kingdom in the academic year 2023/24 via the Erasmus program.
  • From the summer semester onwards, students can apply for the "Green Travel Support" if they travel in a sustainable manner. See the FAQ for further information on this.
  • Erasmus+ supports equal opportunities and inclusion. Students in exceptional circumstances can apply for an additional grant of 250 euros per month. This applies to students who are disabled or have a chronic illness or have one of more children and would take them on the study abroad placement. Students from a non-academic background and working students will also receive a 250 euro bonus each month if they meet the requirements. See our FAQ for further information on this.

Questions Regarding an Erasmus+ Stay Abroad?

See this FAQ for all your answers regarding the Erasmus+ program.


Your Application: What You'll Need to Have and How It Works

Got to the following link for for all the information regarding the requirements and the application process.


Erasmus+ Grant and What You Are Required to Do for It


Erasmus+ Partner Universities and Student Reports


When You Return

  • Apply to have your studies abroad recognized
  • Help other students to plan their time abroad and tell them of your experiences. The International Pool for Studies, IPSA for short, will help you to get in touch with them!
  • Get involved in the fields of mobility or integration and develop valuable soft skills by helping to look after international students. See Certificate International for further information on this.

Liability Clause

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Additional information and advising about the Erasmus+ mobility measures are available from the German Academic Exchange Service.

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