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North and South America; Russia; Australia


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Moscow State University was founded in January 1755 on the initiative of scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. The day of its foundation is celebrated as a national students' day in Russia today.

General Information







Number of Students

approximately 47,000 Bachelor and Master's students, approximately 4,000 international students every year



International Office


Type of Agreement

University partnership

Who can apply?

Bachelor students in the 3rd semester or higher

Master students

Doctoral candidates and postdocs in the field of textile technology should apply via the Institute of Textile Technology and contact Dr. Dieter Veit.

Type of Stay


Length of Stay

one to two semesters

Number of Exchange Placements

up to two placements

Study Details

Semester Dates

Winter semester: September to January
Summer semester: February to June

Course Offerings

Course offerings

Prerequisites for the application Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or better, which roughly corresponds to an average grade of 2.0 in the German system.
Language Requirements

At the time of application:
Proof of proficiency in Russian or English, to be verified with a language or high school diploma with at least level B1. This corresponds to five years of schooling for a post-12th grade Abitur and six years of schooling for a post-13th grade Abitur.

After nomination by RWTH Aachen University:
For participation in the Russian course program: Proof of Russian language skills with at least level B2.
For participation in the English course program: Proof of English language skills with at least level B2

Submit application in the

International Office application portal

Application Deadline in the International Office

You can find further information on the application portal website.

Tuition Fees Tuition fees waived at the partner university
Average Cost of Living Depending on the campus and housing conditions, the cost of living averages 450 to 600 euros per month.
Funding Possibilities

BAföG for Abroad
RWTH Scholarship Database
DAAD Scholarship Database
Financing Study Abroad
PROMOS Scholarships

Practical Information
Accommodations Students receive support from the partner university. International students usually live in the student dormitory, which should be booked before departure.
Health Insurance International health insurance is mandatory and must be organized independently.
Experience Reports See experience reports at MoveON
Additional Information

Federal Foreign Office
Education in Russia for Foreigners