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North and South America; Russia; Australia


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The Universidad Austral de Chile, UACh for short, was founded in the Chilean city of Valdivia on September 7, 1954. The university consists of three campuses, which feature a total of nine faculties and offer 59 Bachelor's and 34 Master's courses of study and 12 doctoral programs. The institution has more than 15,000 students and 776 academics. Further, its four major libraries house a total of 160,000 books.

The UACh campus also has test centers, a television and sports center, educational and multimedia laboratories, museums, agricultural experimental fields, one of the most modern veterinary clinics in Latin America, and a botanical garden that spans 11 hectares.

General Information







Number of Students

15, 000


Universidad Austral de Chile

Incoming Students (es)

Fact Sheet on Bachelor's Programs (es)

Fact Sheet on Master's Programs (es)

Exchange Student’s Guide (es)


Type of Agreement

Cooperation with faculties 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Who can apply?

Bachelor students in the 3rd semester or higher (study abroad from the 5th semester), Master students

Type of Stay


Length of Stay

One to two semesters

Time of Stay Winter or summer semester or both

Number of Exchange Placements

Two per semester

Study Details

Semester Dates

First semester: March until July

Second semester: August until December

Academic Calendar

Course Offerings

Bachelor Programs

Master Programs

Applications are to be submitted to

the application portal of International Office.

Language requirements

When students apply for a place, they must already have a Spanish language certificate at Level B1 or Abitur that shows they took Spanish for five years at school for Abitur obtained after 12th grade or for six years for Abitur obtained after 13th grade.

Application Deadline in the International Office You can find further information on the application portal website.

Tuition Fees Tuition fees waived.
Average Cost of Living

Rent: 225 to 375 US dollars per month

Food: 150 to 300 US dollars per month

Transportation: 75 US dollars per month

Funding Possibilities

BAföG for abroad (de)
RWTH Scholarship Database
DAAD Scholarship Database (de)
PROMOS abroad scholarships

Practical Information

The UACh International Office helps student look for suitable accommodation.

Health Insurance Students are responsible for having sufficient insurance coverage. Health insurance for abroad is mandatory. The university will provide more detailed information after nomination.
Experience Reports See the experience reports at MoveON
Further Information

Foreign Office (de)
DAAD (de)