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ENHANCE Language Tandems

October 1, 2021, is the start date for the ENHANCE Tandem Program! Sign up now to learn Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, or Polish with students from partner universities.


What is ENHANCE?

Together with six other leading technical universities, RWTH Aachen University has founded the European alliance ENHANCE – European Universities of Technology Alliance. The initiative is part of the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission and is supported by the DAAD. Together, the seven partner universities pursue the vision of a European university that transcends national borders and enables unrestricted mobility.

In addition to RWTH, the participating universities include:

Chalmers University of Technology

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Politecnico di Milano

Technische Universität Berlin

Universitat Politècnica de València

Warsaw University of Technology

What exchange opportunities does ENHANCE offer?

The five foreign universities are all long-term partners of RWTH. In the past five years, there have already been exchanges with more than 4,400 students and staff between the ENHANCE partner universities. The newly established initiative will significantly increase the number of available exchange places. In addition, virtual mobility will be available in the future to supplement the university's own curriculum. In addition, the reduction of bureaucratic hurdles and the creation of a digital infrastructure for the automatic recognition of academic achievements will enable greater flexibility.

Semester abroad

Apply for a semester abroad at ENHANCE partner universities through Erasmus+. Check whether there are also collaborations at your faculty and, if you are interested, read the testimonials of former outgoing students, which offer helpful tips on organization. Additional financial support is available for students with a degree of disability or students who wish to study abroad with a child.

Research stays

Benefit from ENHANCE's network of research-strong universities in which joint research projects already exist. Get information from your department or use contacts of institutes and chairs. Research internships can also be funded with Erasmus+ at ENHANCE partner universities.

Further exchange opportunities

There are also numerous joint projects and programs in which students from ENHANCE universities can participate, such as the ENHANCE Summer School and ENHANCE Language Tandems. Participation in activities within the framework of ENHANCE can of course also be listed in the Certificate International.


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  Alex Schütt Copyright: © Florian Griel

The students of RWTH Aachen University, are looking forward to the opportunities that the ENHANCE Alliance will bring. ENHANCE promises to connect students from some of the best universities in Europe, create a more diverse study environment, and ensure greater interdisciplinary mobility between all possible fields of study.

Alex Schütt, Master's student at RWTH