After Staying Abroad


Recognition of Qualifications obtained Abroad

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It is on of the central principles of the ERASMUS student exchange scheme that any qualification obtained at your host university is fully recognized by your home university.

The EU commission by now demands that qualifications are fully recognized (and, if necessary, converted) according to the ECTS credit transfer guidelines.

Further, it demands that participants in the scheme must obtain 30 credits per semester at their host institution.

Please note

The responsible body for all issues concerning the recognition of your period of study abroad is your faculty.


Conversion of Grades

Recommendations for the Conversion of Grades:


Before you depart you should clarify all questions about having academic performance from abroad recognized. Speak with your departmental advisor and create a concrete course schedule for your studies at the host university or, if necessary, request a change to your curriculum.

The faculties have partially established general recognition regulations, which you can find out about from the department assistant. Actual recognition of your performance at the host university is first granted after you return.

Make sure you thoroughly document everything when creating your course schedule. Research the content of the individual courses and get certificates for your academic performance at the host university.


Experience Reports

It is mandatory for exchange students who studied abroad as part of a university partnership to submit an experience report.

Experience reports by exchange students who self-organized their study abroad or received support from another institution are very welcome as well.

As soon as we have received your transcript of records, we will provide you with further information on how to proceed. The experience report is a prerequisite for obtaining the transcript.


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