Why Study Abroad?


Reasons for Studying Abroad

Key Word: Expanding Your Horizon

In addition to the language and subject specific skills one acquires while studying abroad, study abroad general expands one's personal horizons and provides deciding impulses for personal development. A stay abroad provides broader general and specific knowledge. Individuals may establish with contact with others, that can have a positive effect in the professional or private sphere.

Key Word: Enhancement of Social Skills

Communication skills and teamwork skills - these qualities are sought after more than ever before. A study abroad can help you to (further) develop these qualities.

Key Word: Change in Mindset

Documentation of study abroad has a positive effect when you apply for jobs later on. Employers assume that someone who ventures to do study abroad particularly possesses certain characteristics such as mobility, flexibility, perserverance, self-initiatiion, tolerance and (positive) curiosity.

Key Word: Strengthening of Motivation

Aside from all the positive effects due to language skills, subject knowledge, qualification, and career prospects, one thing cannot be forgotten: the thing is fun!

Personality + Qualification = Ability

The success of study abroad largely depends on your own individual involvement and from personal perserverance and patience during planning and preparation. Even if you participate in an exchange program (e.g. in a LLP/ERASMUS program), do not think of the International Office as a travel agency, that can provide you with a complete service.

Three students talk to each other Copyright: Martin Braun

I would recommend a stay abroad to anyone. The experiences you'll have are simply priceless. It is so rewarding to get to know foreign cultures and people. You just can't miss this opportunity! In addition, it's always nice to return back home again at the end.

Hannah Wienecke

Markus Höppner Copyright: Martin Braun

For me, it was very important to get out of my comfort zone and leave behind everything that is familiar. I wanted to tackle a foreign culture and foreign language quite consciously in order to grow as a person. Which is just what I ended up doing.

Markus Höppner