Forms of Stays Abroad

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Studying at university offers the best opportunities for discovering the world. Even if you still have some doubt – if you can at all imagine it, you should definitely go for a semester abroad.

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What types of stays abroad are useful?

Fulltime Study Abroad

School graduates, who already want to start their studies abroad, must always directly contact the foreign university with their prospective studies.

Current information about study opportunities and admissions requirements at foreign universities can be found online. Completing your entire studies abroad at a foreign university is usually only useful, if you wish to stay and work abroad after you finish your studies. Difficulties and problems may arise surrounding the recognition of degrees and entry to certain career fields if you wish to start a career in the Federal Republic of Germany in positions in public service or certain other occupation groups.

If you did not get a university placement in a subject with restricted admission in Germany, you will have to reckon that there are also admission restrictions in this subject at foreign schools.

Part-time Study Abroad

German universities and their international offices (academic foreign offices) support and organize international student exchange, within the framework of students completing part of their studies abroad.  One should first start studies at a German university and after completing the basic studies, that is after completing the Zwischenprüfung or Vorexamen, spend one to two semesters abroad, and then return to the home university to finish studies there.

It is best to use the exisiting exchange programs (such as ERASMUS) and the university partnerships. You should contact the international office at your university early on to get information about services and requirements.

It can be very uself to add on additional, postgraduate, or advanced studies abroad after completing studies in Germany.

The web portal Wege ins Ausland can offer information about alternative types of stays abroad.

Internship Abroad

Engineering students can find internship placements in a restricted scope in foreign operations through:
IAESTE (Tel.:0241-80 93 002, Address: Wüllnerstrasse 9,52062 Aachen).
Business and economics students should look at:
AIESEC beim Auslandspraktikum (Tel.: 0241-2 50 35, Address: RWTH Karmanstr.7).
DAAD travel allowances for an internship overseas can be applied for through IAESTE and AIESEC.
Information and further addresses for internships abroad are available from the
Carl-Duisberg-Gesellschaft e.V., Hohenstaufenring 30-32, 50674 Cologne , (Tel.: 0221-2090-0).
Medical internships are available from
Deutsche Famulanten Austausch (DFA), Godesberger Allee 54, 53175 Bonn . (Tel.:0228-37 53 40)
Assistance with travel costs for overseas can also be applied for.

Language Course Abroad

Numerous European universities offer summer language courses:

At the bookstore you can find DAAD information about current summer language courses in Europe and Asia in the brochure "Sprachkurse an Hochschulen in Europa" and (Sprachkurse an Hochschulen in Asien" (currently for 14.90 Euros). Additionally you can find all the information here (de). The brochures are also available at the Info Service Center.

The Foreigners' Office also has some information about language courses from private providers. The cultural institutes of countries (e.g. the British Council, the Institut Français) also offer similar information materials.

Temporary Work Abroad

The Zentralstelle für Arbeitsvermittlung - ZAV - in Frankfurt provides jobs and internships abroad.
You can find information online here.  Additionally, the Internaional Office has the brochure "Jobs und Praktika im Ausland".

ZAV, Zentralstelle für Internationale Arbeitsvermittlung
Tel.: 0228/7 13 13 13, Fax: 0228/7 13 14 99
Villemombler Str. 76
53123 Bonn

Furthemore you can directly contact industry and trade chambers in foreign countries, their embassies and consulates, or their commercial departments.


External Links

  • Working Abroad (de)

    There are numerous possibilities to work abroad. The site Wege ins Ausland offers a good overview.

  • Teaching Abroad (de)

    Teacher training students also have the option to teach at a school abroad through the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst, PAD for short.