Registration Cancellation and Withdrawal

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The ZPA differentiates between cancellation of an exam and withdrawal for valid reasons – such as illness.  Here you can read what the difference is.



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Regular Exam Cancellations

A regular exam cancellation is a cancellation without submitting any reasons up to three business days before the exam date. If the exam takes place on a Thursday, for example, you have till Monday, 11:59pm, to cancel your registration, if there isn't a holiday between those days. Saturdays are considered business days. You can cancel your registration as often as you like for any exam subject in the Bachelor and Master courses of study. This does not apply to the thesis. Here, the rules in the corresponding comprehensive exam regulation apply.

A detailed guide to cancelling exam registrations can be found in the RWTHonline-Dokuportal.

Exams listed without specified exam dates are most often exams with individually arranged dates that the ZPA is not aware of. In this case, please refer to your department's – or chair's – advice regarding deadlines for cancelling exams without submitting any reasons.


Withdrawal Due to Illness

if you are ill on the day of an exam, please follow the official regulations in the handout about medical certificates.


Where and Until When Can Medical Certificates Be Submitted?

A medical certificate must be obtained from a medical practitioner immediately – on the day of the exam, at the latest, if that is when you are sure you will miss an exam due to illness. Either an original copy or a digital version of the certificate must be received by the Central Examination Office or ZPA within three business day after the date of a missed exam. *Please include your student ID number and the affected exams on the medical certificate.

You can put your medical certificate in the ZPA mailbox during the SuperC opening hours or hand it in from 8am to 11:30am and 1pm to 4pm in the ZPA office, Room 2.29. You can use the afterhours mailbox at the RWTH Main Building after business hours or on the weekends. Note: It must be addressed to the ZPA.

The stamped date of receipt by RWTH Aachen is the decisive date in these cases.

*Exception: Dentistry and Medicine model course of study at the Faculty of Medicine, where medical certificates and reasons for withdrawing from an exam must be submitted to the course of study coordinators and medical certificates are administratively processed in the facutly's own system.