Henry Ford Scholarships

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Online Application

Only online applications are accepted for Henry Ford Scholarships.

For the 2019/20 funding period, students may submit their online applications during a limited time period – from May 28 to July 1, 2019. During this designated application period, you will find the corresponding link here on these pages.


Funding Program by RWTH Aachen University and Ford Werke GmbH, Germany, for Female Students in Mechanical Engineering

As part of the RWTH Education Fund, RWTH Aachen and Ford have developed a scholarship program targeted at female students of Mechanical Engineering. Eligible for funding are students with above average achievement at school and at university who participate in extracurricular activities.

The aim of the program is to increase the proportion of female engineers.

The Henry Ford Scholarship Offers

  • A monthly stipend of 300 Euros for at least one year. A re-application for funding is possible and encouraged.
  • A comprehensive framework program actively designed by the scholarship students
  • Participation in the framework program of the Education Fund
  • Contacts to the Ford Motor Company, e.g. via internships

Who Can Apply?

Eligible to apply are female students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering, CES, Business Administration & Engineering with a focus on Mechanical Engineering)

How to Apply

You can apply in the period between May 28 to July 1, 2019. During the application period, the link to the application portal will be available on this web page.

Required Application Documents

  • Motivational Letter (can be uploaded as a PDF)
  • Information on your CV (via an online form)
  • School and university certificates, internship certificates, etc. (can be uploaded as a PDF)
  • Current transcript of records

Important Information Regarding Reapplication

Henry Ford Scholarship recipients who will begin their Master’s course of study at RWTH in the summer semester of 2020 may reapply at any time between February 1 and 28, 2020. Students transitioning from a Bachelor’s to a Master’s program must reapply to receive continued funding. This also applies to students currently on leave who are planning to transition from the Bachelor’s to the Master’s program entering the summer semester. Please use the following link: