Frequently Asked Questions About PROMOS Abroad Scholarships


FAQ About the Requirements

I am a doctoral candidate. Can I apply for PROMOS?

It depends on the type of stay. Semesters abroad, internships, and research stays conducted by doctoral candidates cannot be funded with PROMOS. There is one exception: doctoral candidates in medicine. The DAAD offers doctoral candidates in other fields a special scholarship. Furthermore study trips conducted by doctoral candidates can receive the same PROMOS funding as when conducted by students.

Does citizenship play a role in eligibility for PROMOS funding?

All regularly enrolled students at RWTH can participate in the PROMOS program regardless of their citizenship. However, no stays are funded in a student's home country. Home countries are those countries, where a student/doctoral candidate has spent the majority of at least five years.

What type of stays are funded?

PROMOS is awarded as an individual scholarship for semester stays, internships, and research. Research includes stays for completing final papers – including at companies – and academic papers such as project papers. Groups can also receive PROMOS funding for study trips.

What duration of stays is funded?

Study stays and stays to complete research work must last at least a month to be funded with PROMOS. Internships must last at least six weeks. All three types of stays can be funded for a maximum duration of six months.

My stay abroad will be almost over by the application deadline. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply as long as your stay has not been completed by the application deadline.

My stay abroad is planned but I don't have an official acceptance yet from the host institution. Can I still apply for a PROMOS scholarship?

No. You can only apply for funding once you have a confirmation from the host institution abroad and the time period has been determined. If you were nominated for an exchange placement via RWTH, the nomination from RWTH suffices as confirmation.

What types of double funding are excluded?

The PROMOS scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships funded by German public means, RWTH funds, the host university, or the host country. This means that you cannot receive PROMOS funding if your stay abroad is funded by political foundations, for example. Double funding for a stay abroad from different RWTH Aachen scholarship programs, such as MOGAM, MIRAI, or UROP, is also not allowed.

You can simultaneously receive scholarships, which finance studies at RWTH Aachen and are not related to the planned stay abroad, for example the Germany Scholarship or NRW scholarship, together with PROMOS.

You must notify other funding public funding bodies if you are receiving a scholarship and PROMOS simultaneously.

Can I apply for a PROMOS scholarship if I receive BAföG funding for abroad?

Yes, you can simultaneously receive funding from PROMOS and BAföG abroad. However you must inform the BAföG office that you have been granted a PROMOS scholarship.

I have received a PROMOS or Voss scholarship once before. Can I apply again?

No. You can only receive the PROMOS or Voss scholarship once.


FAQ About the Application

When can I apply?

There are two deadlines: May 1, 2020, and September 15, 2020. You can apply by the May 1 deadline for stays planned to take place in 2020, whereas you can apply by September 15, for stays in to be completed in 2020 or 2021. The important thing is that the stay is either planned for the future or still running by the date you apply. Stays that have already been completed by the May 1, or September 15, 2020, deadline can therefore not be funded. The application portal will be open starting one month before each of the respective deadlines, meaning you can apply for your stay as early as April 1, or August 15, 2020.

What do I need to include about the duration of my stay abroad? The entire duration I am abroad or just the duration of the semester/internship?

Under duration of stay you must write the semester or the period reserved for the internship/research. If you are independently extending your stay, this period cannot be considered for funding.

Do I have to name the Germany Scholarship as a funding institution?

Yes, please include all institutions, from which you are simultaneously receiving funding or from which you have applied for funding for your stay abroad.

Do I submit my application documents (resume, etc.) in English or German?

You can submit your application documents in either German or English.

How long should my statement of motivation be?

The online form allows a limited number of characters to answer the individual questions about your motivation.

What do I need to pay attention to in my statement of motivation?

You can use the following questions to orient yourself when writing about your motivation:

  • Why did you choose this country/university/company? Explain the technical and personal reasons for this choice.
  • How is the stay embedded in your studies (curriculum, professional goals, etc.)?
  • What language, cultural, intercultural skills do you already have? What experiences are you hoping for during your stay abroad?
  • Why are you a suitable ambassador of RWTH?


FAQ About Documentation/Proof

I have not received an official nomination letter from RWTH. What can I submit instead?

If you have not received an official nomination letter, you can upload a screenshot of the confirmation of your stay abroad from RWTH, which you received by email.

Which transcript of records do I submit?

Please download your current transcript of records from RWTHonline.

Where can I find my academic progress certificate?

You can find the academic progress certificate in RWTHonline. Please note you need the academic progress certificate and not the certificate of enrollment.

Do I need to submit proof that I speak the local language or working language?

You must submit proof of the agreed upon working language, which may differ from the local language. If you speak not only the working language but also the local language, we recommend submitting proof of these skills.

What type of proof of language skills do I need to submit?

Proof of language skills includes a language certificate, for example TOEFL, a certificate from the Language Center, or your Abitur certificate. If you are a native speaker, please include corresponding proof of your citizenship.

I don't have all of the documentation. Can I submit some documentation at a later date?

You should upload the completed application by the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered. You can upload documentation up until the application deadline but it is better to wait until you have all of your documents and to complete your application then.


FAQ About Other Topics

How much money is awarded with the scholarship?

The funding amount normally consists of a travel allowance and one to three partial scholarship installments. The amounts vary from country to country and are determined annually by the DAAD. A detailed list can be found on the RWTH PROMOS website.

How long can my stay be supported?

The DAAD stipulates that stays abroad can only be funded for a maximum duration of six months. The exact funding period is, however, left to the universities. We want to offer scholarships to as many students as possible within the available budget, and hence we support funding of three - at maximum four - monthly installments. Generally, the travel allowance will be added to this. Please refer to the RWTH PROMOS website for the exact amount.

What are my chances of being awarded the scholarship?

This cannot be answered in general terms as it depends on various factors such as your own performance compared to your fellow candidates, the total number of applicants, and the amount of funding available.

When do I find out if I am receiving funding or not?

The selection meeting is held about six weeks after the application deadline. This means you can expect an answer six to eight weeks after the application deadline. Please refrain from asking about the status of your application until then.

Can I extend my stay and have it funded by PROMOS?

No. Unfortunately, an extension is not possible on principle.

Where can I find information about the safety of my destination ?

Please refer to the Federal Foreign Office for information on the safety of your chosen destination. No funding will be awarded for stays in countries or regions where the security risk is deemed critical or where travel warnings are in place.

Can I submit the required documents after my stay via e-mail?

Yes, submission by e-mail is perfectly sufficient; you do not need to come in person.

Can I get a scholarship certificate?

Yes, as soon as you have submitted all the required documents after your stay, you are entitled to a scholarship certificate. If you are interested, let us know that you would like to have one.