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Saskia Wennmacher

Coordinator Humboldt-Haus / Social Media / Awarding of DAAD degree scholarship


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The RWTH Aachen International Office can grant "Studienabschluss" scholarships to complete your studies as part of the DAAD funding program STIBET I with funds from the German Foreign Office. This "Studienabschluss" scholarship funds the academic success of qualified international students, who are in the final phase of their studies.

A committee made up of representatives from RWTH Aachen will select the scholarship recipients. Selection is based on diverse criteria.

This short-term scholarship is granted for five months with a stipend of 500 Euros per month. Scholarship recipients will find out by mail if they have been selected or not.


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Who can apply?

RWTH students are eligible if they

  • are completing a degree program at RWTH, have foreign citizenship, and are "(Bildungsausländer)", meaning they earned their university entrance qualification at a school outside Germany, with the exception of German schools abroad
  • are in the final period of their studies and will graduate within twelve months (from the start of funding)
  • are living in Germany during this final period
  • are in financial difficulties during the final phase of their studies
  • can provide proof of a good average grade (at least 2.5)

RWTH students are not eligible if they

  • are exchange students or only briefly studying in Aachen
  • are only enrolled in a German course
  • are German citizens
  • have a German university entrance qualification from a school in Germany or a German school abroad
  • will be abroad when they complete their degree
  • earn an additional income of more than 954 euros gross

Application Periods

Application and funding periods:

  • First funding round: Application from November 1 to November 30 / Funding from February to June as a rule
  • Second funding round: Application from May 1 to May 31 / Funding from July to November as a rule

What application documents are required?

  • Application form and description of financial status
    Please submit copies of documentation of your financial situation outlined on the application form – for example, if you have taken out a loan from a bank for your studies, then submit documentation of the loan as well as documentation of current employment contracts and side jobs, and of the income you received through your Master's program while writing your thesis.
  • Current certificate of enrollment
  • Current transcript of records with average grade score
    This can be printed out via RWTHonline. Medical students can have a list of grades issued via the Dean's Office.
  • Tabular resume
  • Copy of your passport and a copy of your residence permit if you are not an EU citizen
  • Expert opinion of the academic advisor/Information on the course of studies and academic achievements
    List of the departmental advisors
  • Registration for final thesis – via ZPA or proof via a corresponding entry on the transcript of records
  • Bank account statements from all bank accounts from the past four weeks at the point of application
  • A copy of the current employment contract is necessary in the case of secondary earnings as a student assistant and other employment contracts. If your employment is terminated at the beginning of, or during, the scholarship period, or the number of working hours changes, proof of this must also be submitted.
  • Note: we cannot accept applications that are incomplete or submitted past the deadline. Application documents must be submitted in a single PDF document. We will not accept any applications submitted by email or on paper.