PROMOS Study or Internship Abroad Scholarships

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Birgit Thun-Vié



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Application Deadlines

March 15 and September 15


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PROMOS, a scholarship program offered by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD for short, is financed by the German Ministry of Education and Research. It has been promoting students to go on short stays abroad with scholarships since 2010.

Funded Countries

Applications are accepted for all countries outside the Erasmus area. Switzerland is an exception: as funding through the Swiss-European Mobility Programme, SEMP for short, is possible here, only internships for which SEMP funding is excluded can be funded in the PROMOS program.

Stays in countries or regions for which the German Foreign Office has issued a travel warning cannot be funded. Please refer to the German Foreign Office for information on the countries or regions affected.

Here you can find a detailed list of funded countries and the types of grants available.

Who Can Apply?

RWTH students from any faculty who – in a country eligible for funding through PROMOS –

  • are planning a semester abroad
  • wish to complete a thesis or project
  • or wish to complete an internship

can be funded with partial scholarships for their stay from January to the end of December from DAAD funds. Doctoral candidates, with the exception of medical students, are not eligible to apply for a PROMOS scholarship; however, the DAAD offers various funding opportunities for doctoral candidates, therefore you should contact them directly if you are interested in taking advantage of this.

Further Application Requirements

  • You have not received any funding from the PROMOS or Voss program so far.
  • You have already received confirmation of your stay abroad.
  • You are not receiving any other scholarships for the stay from German public funds, RWTH, the host university, or the host country. You can find more information under the Scholarship Details section below.

Scholarship Details

  • Scholarships are awarded for study or research stays abroad lasting one to six months; internships must be longer than six weeks. The RWTH project coordinator will first determine the total number of months to be funded after the selection period. The funding period depends on the availability of funds. Normally, three to four months' funding is granted.
  • A partial scholarship of at least 300 euros per month and/or a country-specific travel stipend will be awarded. The PROMOS program is not responsible for any organizational support in planning your stay. It is solely a funding program. You may of course use one of the International Office's structured mobility programs and participate in group advising sessions.
  • Internships for which internship-specific funding offered by the DAAD is already accepted cannot be funded through PROMOS. This entails: internships with international organizations, such as the UN, EU institutions and organizations that manage EU programs, Germany's missions abroad, the German Humanities Institutes, the Goethe-Instituts, the German Archaeological Institute, and German schools abroad. You can find more information on the DAAD website.
  • You may apply for multiple scholarship programs at a time. However you cannot accept multiple funding for the same stay in the form of a scholarship funded by German public funds, RWTH funds, the host university, or the host country. Double funding for a stay abroad via different RWTH scholarship programs, such as MOGAM, MIRAI, or UROP, is also not allowed.
  • You may use scholarships that finance studies at RWTH and are not directly related to your planned stay, such as a Deutschland Scholarship or NRW Scholarship, along with the PROMOS scholarship.
  • If you receive a scholarship from any other public scholarship institution in addition to PROMOS, you have to notify them of your PROMOS scholarship.
  • If you receive the PROMOS scholarship and BAföG for abroad, you are required to notify the BAföG office of the amount of your PROMOS scholarship.


You will have the option of applying for a PROMOS or Voss Scholarship via this application portal either by May 1, or by September 15. The portal will be open starting one month before each deadline. The May 1 deadline only applies to stays that begin in 2020. The September 15 deadline applies to stays that either take place in 2020 and those that will take place in 2021. It is important however, that you have not already completed your stay by the application deadline.

Please upload the following documents to your application:

  • Letter of confirmation or internship contract from the host institution. Alternatively: nomination from RWTH – for example a screenshot of the nomination email
  • Tabular resume
  • Evidence of proficiency in the language of your host country, for example through a language certificate such as TOEFL, and certificate from the Language Center or your Abitur certificate
  • Current transcript of records
  • For Master's students: transcript of records of your Bachelor's degree
  • Academic progress certificate
  • Other documentation, for example awards, volunteering, etc. Please note: only the aspects that require proof will be considered in your application.

In the online application, you will be asked to provide information about your motivation.

Applications must be received by the respective deadline. Any incomplete applications and applications received after the deadline will not be considered.


PROMOS scholarship holders are selected by a university commission in the International Office about six weeks after each application deadline.

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of application
  • Academic achievements
  • Quality of project abroad, that is the process and motivation from a technical-qualitative perspective
  • Sufficient language skills
  • Motivation
  • Other qualifications

After Selection

If you are selected, you must submit the following documents via email:

  • Confirmation from your host institution, "certificate" of your actual stay, as soon as possible after you return
  • Proof of your coursework, such as a transcript of records or an internship certificate
  • Experience report written by you
  • An enrollment certificate from RWTH that is valid for the period of your stay abroad

After submitting the documents listed above, you can request a PROMOS scholarship certificate. For more information on this, please contact Birgit Thun-Vié.

Students With Disabilities

PROMOS-funded students with a degree of medical disability of at least 50 percent may be able to receive a special scholarship if they can prove that they will incur greater expenses due to their stay abroad while not receiving any support from other responsible institutions. In this case, please submit the following paperwork in addition to your application – or, at the latest, after receiving confirmation of receiving funding:

  • Copy of your Disability ID
  • Tabular list of your anticipated expenses
  • Proof that no other institution is offering financial support

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

DAAD Group Insurance

The German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD, offers a group insurance package for students and doctoral candidates which includes health, accident, and personal liability insurance. For further information, please see the DAAD website.

PROMOS Scholarships in Australia and New Zealand

The Institut Ranke-Heinemann awards grants for study stays in Australia and New Zealand in conjunction with PROMOS. This means that PROMOS scholarship holders receive a discount of 10 percent off their tuition fees, regardless of the university, the course of study, or the amount of PROMOS funding. You can find further information on the IRH website.