Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Further Training


Erasmus+ funds continuing and further education measures for both academic and non-academic university employees in program countries with the aim to develop and expand internationalization.



Jasmin Ahadi

ENHANCE Mobility Coordinator


+49 241 80 90669



Advantages of the Program

  1. Enjoy a stay based on an approved program
  2. Exchange knowledge in your field and gain new perspectives
  3. Build skills and competencies
  4. Expand and strengthen your networks

Target Group

University personnel – academic and non-academic – from all fields can participate in the Erasmus+ program for continuing and further education opportunities and receive financial assistance.

Program Countries

EU Member States

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain

Program Countries Outside of the EU

Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Turkey, United Kingdom

For countries that are not among the program countries listed above, please refer to the RWTH Staff Mobility Worldwide program.


The stay abroad must take place at a foreign higher education institution with a valid Erasmus Charta for Higher Education (ECHE) or at an institution in a program country that is active in the labor market or in the fields of education, training or youth affairs.

The program country cannot be the primary residence of the person applying.

Continuing Education Formats


  • Participation in a Staff Training Week (see offers below)
  • Sitting in a class
  • Job shadowing
  • Study visits
  • Participation in workshops and seminars
  • Participation in language courses

At this point, we would also like to refer you to the RWTH-internal offers for continuing and professional education. If a similar continuing education service to the one you are considering abroad is offered here at RWTH and it is not apparent that the stay abroad offers added value – other than an understandable motivation for you personally – funding via Erasmus+ would not be justifiable.

Duration of Stay and Funding

ERASMUS staff mobility is possible for at least two consecutive days to a maximum of 60 days. For RWTH, a maximum of ten working days of staff mobility will be funded by Erasmus+ funds.

Financial assistance for costs resulting from transportation and accommodations is offered at RWTH Aachen according to the State Travel Costs Act and Cost Reimbursement Ordinance for Abroad.

In the event of cancellation, costs incurred cannot be covered by Erasmus funds.

Erasmus funds cannot be used for:

  • participation in conferences
  • visits, that serve exclusively to initiate a new university partnership (so-called preparatory visits)
  • participation in Summer/Winter Schools
  • participation fees of any kind


Erasmus+ saims to promote equal opportunities and inclusion. For this reason, participants with a disability are granted easier access to the program and offered special funding. Please contact Jasmin Ahadi for information about the special funding.


There are two ways to organize your Erasmus+ mobility. Either you do it yourself by contacting the desired target institution and asking whether there is a possibility of a working visit. Or you can participate in an organized Staff Training Week. If you are interested in this option, please use the Erasmus Staff Weeks search and let the respective university know that you would like to participate.

Participants must ensure they have sufficient insurance during the stay abroad as the grant and mobility stipend do not include any insurance.

Application and Documents

Please submit the Mobility Agreement to Jasmin Ahadi at least six weeks before your stay begins. The form must be completely filled out and be signed by yourself, by your superior, and by a person responsible at the partner institution. You can follow the steps in our guide for faculty staff. Additional forms and information needed for financial assistance will be sent once the application has been approved.

All steps to plan your mission and apply for Erasmus+ staff mobility (STT) funding can be found in the application guide.


A Note on Safety

In view of the political tensions in some of the Erasmus countries and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we advise those who are planning a stay abroad to check the website of the Federal Foreign Office, in particular its safety notices and travel warnings (de), on a regular basis.