Termination of Enrollment



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You can terminate your enrollment at any time in the Registrar's Office. Please fill out the Application to Terminate Enrollment and turn it into the Registrar's Office. You can either do so in person, via mail, or via email. Please print the application here, fill it out completely, scan it, and send it as an attachment to the .

Please note

Termination of enrollment can also be initiated by RWTH itself. This occurs, for example, if you have not reregistered for a semester.

Your last marks can be recorded and a certificate can be issued even if you are not enrolled any more.


Reimbursement of Fees

Complete reimbursement of the student body and social contribution fees is only possible up to the last business day before lecture begin. A reimbursement must be requested and the semester ticket must be returned.

This request is also used if you have accidentally paid too much or are requesting reimbursement due to a semester of leave.

After lectures begin, it is only possible to get the mobility fee partially reimbursed through a request to the RWTH Aachen AStA.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I locate the certificate that shows that I have terminated my enrollment?

Where do I need to go to return my BlueCard once I have terminated my enrollment?

Where do I need to transfer my tuition fee?

How can I receive a refund of the tuition fee?