Exams and Final Theses

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Exam Anxiety?

Lots of factors can put strain on your life at University.  In these cases, psychological counseling at the university can offer you confidential and professional support.


Exam Registration

Is the registration period coming up? Do you want to register for Auflagenprüfungen or Master's exams earlier than scheduled in the curriculum? On the registration page, you can get all the information you need about the various registration processes that the RWTH Aachen Central Examination Office offers its students. You will also find everything you need to know about topics such as automatic re-registration, oral supplemental exams, or the complaint period.

Registration Cancellation & Withdrawal

You have an exam today but you're ill? Or you realize that you don't want to take an exam scheduled to take place in ten days time? On the Registration Cancellation & Withdrawal page you can find all the information you need about these topics, including details on deadlines and the de-registration process.


Form Database

Registration forms for various exams and theses as well as other forms are available in our form database.



The Central Examination Office issues you various certificates that show your examination performance.You can print out many of them yourself via RWTHonline by using the Certificates (Documents) application. By following this link to our Certificates page, you can find more information regarding this topic, including what certificates can be issued and where you can get them.



RWTHonline is the integrated Campus Management System that is being implemented at RWTH step by step and brought into service all throughout the University with the beginning of the 2018/19 winter semester. You can easily take care of many things via RWTHonline: For example, you can view the publicized RWTH course catalog, register and cancel your registration for exams, and print out many types of certificates on your own. Information regarding the various functionalities can be found in German by following this link to the RWTHonline documentation portal.


Conflict Management

These units can provide mediation and clarification in cases of conflict:


Exam Regulations

Course of Study-Specific and Subject-Specific Exam Regulations

Your course of study-specific and subject-specific (for teacher training courses of study) exam regulation incudes the rules and guidelines for successfully completing an academic degree, the structure of your course of study, and how grades are calculated. Your course of study-specific or subject-specific exam regulation is always valid in combination with comprehensive exam regulation applicable to you.

Comprehensive Exam Regulations

There is a single comprehensive exam regulation for Bachelor and Master courses of study. This exam regulation contains the comprehensive rules and guidelines for evaluating exam performance, repeating exams, and for final documents. There is a separate comprehensive exam regulation for the teacher training Bachelor and Master courses of study. The comprehensive exam regulation applicable to you is always valid in combination with your course of study-specific or subject-specific exam regulation (for teacher training courses of study).

All subject-specific and course of study-specific exam regulations and the comprehensive exam regulations can be found on RWTH's website under Official Announcements.


Exam Accommodations

The university makes it its responsibility to ensure that disabled and chronically ill students are not at a disadvantage during their sutdies. Exam regulations also take into consideration the particular concerns of disabled and chronically ill students and determine methods for erasing the disadvantages. You can find more information under Exam Accommodations for Disabled and Chronically Ill Students.


ZPA Contacts and Office Hours

Here you can find the contact persons in the Central Examination Office, their contact information, and their office hours.


General FAQs on Exams and Final Theses

How do I find out, who is responsible for me?

On the ZPA Contact Person page, you will find an overview of our staff's responsibilities.  This overview is organized by degree, and within the degrees, alphabetically according to course of study.  For every course of study, you will find the respective advisor, along with their telephone number, email address, and office number.

Why do I sometimes have to wait a while before getting a reply to my email? Why is it sometimes hard to reach someone by phone?

We advise about 45,000 students in the Central Examination Office and receive a countless number of inquiries via telephone, email and during our office hours.  We do our best to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible.  Due to the large amount, and depending of the complexity of a question, this can take quite a while.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

It is difficult to reach our staff during office hours, since we are attending to the students in person.  Thus, we recommend calling outside of our office hours (but within our business hours).  You can find an overview of our business and office hours under ZPA contacts.

What do I do if letters, forms, and other printed documents have to be turned in by a certain deadline, and office hours have already ended?

Please use the after-hours mailbox outside the University Post Office, RWTH Main Building, Templergraben 55.

You can hand in documents such as medical certificates and theses at the office of the Central Examination Office in Room 2.29 at Super C from 8am to 11:30am and 1pm to 4pm.

Alternatively, you can send your documents by post - please note, however, that the day of arrival is the effective submission date.

Final theses will be passed on to the relevant officer of the ZPA. The officer will register the submission of the thesis in your student account and pass it on to your supervisor.

Where is the after hours mailbox?

The after-hours mailbox is on the outside of the Main Building, to the right of the Bistro entrance.  You will recognize the post office by the eaves of the roof.  The after-hours mailbox is lit up at night.

Please make sure to drop off your documents before midnight.

Why do I have to show my student ID or give my ID number when I have questions, e.g. during office hours?

It is necessary for you to give your student ID number, so that our staff can look up your information and get a complete picture of your situation. In doing so, we can help you quickly and efficiently. Additionally, every booking (registration or cancellation) in our system needs to be entered with a student ID number.

One example:

You go to see your specific advisor and first tell them, that you would like to register for exam XY.  In many cases, one exam is taken for multiple degree programs or courses of study.  Accordingly, our staff are responsible for multiple degree program and courses of study.

If staff members do not know, which course of study you are enrolled in, they will not know, why you need to take exam XY and what requirement it fulfills.

For this reason, we ask you to have your student ID with you when you go to see your advisor.  If you call or email with a question, please give your student ID number.

Can grades be shared over the phone?

No, due to data protection reasons, this is not possible. However, you can view your grades online via the RWTHonline system.