Academic Transcripts


You've passed your last exam and have successfully finished your last paper.  You're probably waiting for your transcript now, so you can take the next step towards your career.  Here you can find out how, when, and from whom you will receive your transcript.


Please note

Unfortunately, due to the unique circumstances surrounding the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, we cannot hand out final transcripts to you in person until at least August 3, 2020.

If you expressly wish for us to do so, we can send your final transcripts to you via postal service. Please get in touch with the service bureau for this option.

Please always use your RWTH email address so you can be correctly identified and be sure to include your student ID number. Please also be sure to check the FAQ section on the Exams and Final Thesis page for important information regarding the cancellation of personal consultation hours.



Service Bureau Central Examination Office



As soon as the ZPA receives your last grade, it will prepare your transcript.

Final academic transcripts must be signed by the responsible deans or heads of examination boards. This can take a bit of time. The comprehensive examination regulations say to expect the process to take up to two months after the final exam results are posted before your transcript is ready. The ZPA will notify you, as soon as your transcript is ready for you to pick up. Please note that depending on your course of study, you will get your transcript either from the ZPA or your faculty.

You can pick up your transcript from the ZPA in person or authorize someone you trust to pick it up.

If you cannot pick up your transcript within three months, the ZPA can send you your transcript to the mailing address listed in the system. The ZPA sends the transcript in the mail upon request. This is done via certified mail with a return receipt.

You will receive an email as soon as your certificate is ready for collection.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out, where and when I can pick up my transcript?

The ZPA will notify you as soon as you can pick up your transcript.

If you have not received your transcript two months after results were published, it is best to check with your case worker to see whether your transcript is available and when and where you can pick it up.

When do I get my transcript?

The ZPA will prepare your transcript as soon as it has received your final grade. When you can pick up your transcript depends on when the responsible dean and examination board sign it. Further information is available under "transcripts."

Do I need to personally pick up my transcript?

If you authorize someone to pick up your transcript, he/she can also pick it up for you.

Can the ZPA also send me my transcript in the mail?

The ZPA will mail your transcript, per request. This occurs via registered mail with a return receipt. The ZPA is not responsible for any damages that occur while the transcipt is in the mail.

Why doesn't my Diploma Supplement contain an ECTS ranking?

The ECTS ranking takes three graduating classes into account. The ZPA can create an ECTS ranking and include the Diploma Supplement, only after there have been three graduating classes in a course of study. You can find out more information from your case worker in the ZPA.

What do I have to do to have an additional subject included on my transcript?

If you would like to have an additional subject included on your transcript, and you completed this subject during your studies, you must submit a request to the ZPA no more than a week after the exam results have been published. You can find the correct form in the  form database.

Can transcripts include internships abroad?

Voluntary traineeships abroad lasting at least two months starting with the 2013/14 academic year can be included in your final transcript of records upon request. To do so, you must submit suitable documentation to your faculty/department or your institute/examination board.

The form "Traineeship Certificate," found in the forms database, can be used as documentation. Your faculty/department or institute/examination board will then fill out the "Bescheinigung über Auslandspraktika," which can also be found in forms database.

You must submit this certificate to the ZPA no later than one week after your final exam results have been published.

Can my student assistant jobs be included in my transcript?

If you worked ten hours a week for three months (120 hours) as a student assistant in a position focused on research, you can have the job included as additional performance in your final transcript of records. Fill out and submit the certificate Science Assistant from the forms database to the ZPA no later than one week after your final exam results have been published.