We recommend all students find a good balance between their studies and social life as this is important for their mental health and academic success. There are many opportunities, for example, university sports, participation in a student council, becoming a member of a student association, getting involved in our Buddy Program, or taking part in workshops, such as our intercultural training workshop, time or exam management at the Student Advice Center, language courses, writing courses, and workshops at the Career Center. Becoming proficient in German is important to later gain a good foothold in the German job market. Don't stay isolated and by yourself, instead join study groups and pursue hobbies alongside your studies.


International First-Semester Students

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We look forward to welcoming you at RWTH. You can find important information here:

First Steps in Aachen (Authorities & Enrollment)
Student Initiatives
University Sports
German Courses
Building Search
Study Spaces
International Meeting Point: Humboldt Haus


(Advising) Offers for International Students

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Contact the advice centers if you need help. Please note the different advising and opening hours listed on the respective websites:

Info Service Center of International Office
Welcome Center for International Researchers
Housing Advice Service of International Office
Incoming Student Support Service
Scam Warnings
Emergency List and Safety on Campus
Visa & Residence Permit
ASTA/Representative Council for International Students at RWTH
University Library
Service and Advising Services at RWTH


Studying Abroad

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We plan and coordinate our partnerships with universities all over the world and advise RWTH members on mobility opportunities for studying abroad.

Division 2.3 – Mobility


Developing Global Skills

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Develop your skills further at RWTH. We offer the following:

Certificate International for Students
Scholarships and Funding
DAAD Prize
Intercultural Training
Info Service Center Seminars
Writing Skills Workshops
Studying Abroad


Preparing for the Job Market

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You should have an eye on the German job market right from the start of your studies at RWTH. Becoming proficient in German is important for gaining a foothold in the German job market.

Career Center and Workshops
Language Center, Learning German