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First of all, we would like to welcome you as a new student at RWTH Aachen University!

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RWTH BeBuddy Program



Dominika Lichteveld

Betreuungsprogramme / BeBuddy / Interkulturelle Trainerin


+49 241 80 90833



At the beginning of your studies, you may find yourself in a quite challenging situation: you are in a foreign country far from home, you have to communicate in a language which you probably don't fully master yet, and you have to get acquainted with an unfamiliar educational system.

You may even ponder questions such as, “Where do I find the next supermarket? What formalities do I have to complete?”,thinking that there is nobody around to help you.

To support new international students in settling in, we offer a free buddy program. This is a mentoring program where experienced students at RWTH offer help to new students (mentees) by acting as their "buddy". Buddies are to assist you with questions relating to your study course as well as to life at RWTH in general. They show you around and help you in mastering potential difficulties to make you feel at home.

With an experienced buddy at your side, you should quickly be familiar with university lifeand the leisure activities that suit you best. If you have any questions or need some advice, if you just want to have a coffee or go out for a drink, your buddy should be among the first persons to ask.

Registering as a mentee for the BeBuddy Program

We warmly invite you to participate in the BeBuddy program. To do so, please fill out the registration form.



Please register online for the BeBuddy program at least four weeks before your arrival in Germany. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that you will be matched online in time, especially before the start of the winter semester, as many international students come to Aachen during this period and are waiting for a buddy. We will do our best to provide you with a buddy as soon as possible and thank you for your understanding should this take a little longer.

If you have already filled out a mentee form, please do not fill out a new form if you want to change information, but send the update of your data by to the BeBuddy team.


Frequently Asked Questions by Mentees

What is my buddy supposed to do for me?

Your buddy is a student at RWTH, who is at least in the second semester and, therefore, already familiar with the city and life at the university.

He or she can answer questions about important things that need to be accomplished as you begin your stay in the Aachen region and take up your studies at RWTH. Your buddy can also assist you with organizational tasks such as finding suitable accommodation or registering your term-time address with the local Residents' Registration Office.

Besides that, we try to pair you up with someone from your course of studies so that you can also get some guidance regarding your program but, unfortunately, that’s not always possible. However, your buddy likely has a network of friends and acquaintances who can help you with academic questions.

When should I register for the program?

You can register for the program as soon as you have been accepted for your studies at RWTH.

When am I assigned a buddy?

This depends on when you registered as a mentee and also on the time of year. We try to provide you with a buddy approximately four weeks before your arrival, but especially before the winter semester starts this can take a bit longer since we have a very long waiting list. Rest assured that we will do our best to match you as soon as possible!

Is my buddy an international student as well?

We are happy that many international students want to share their positive experience and in turn give support to the new international freshmen. Therefore, your buddy could either be German or have an international background.

I only want a female / male buddy. Is that possible?

We primarily match up buddies according to the same course of study or at least the same faculty. Special requests can be expressed and specified in the mentee registration form, but cannot always be taken into account. However, we do our best to fulfill everyone's wishes.

My buddy never seems to have time for me. What can I do?

Sometimes, especially during the exam period, your buddy may have a lot to do.

First, please try to talk to your buddy to clarify your needs. Maybe, your buddy can help you with online support or can connect you with other people. However, if you can’t manage to contact him or her at all and you don’t get sufficient support, please contact us via .

Can I register to be paired with a new buddy each semester?

Unfortunately, this program is only open to new international students.

Will my buddy pick me up from the train station?

You are welcome to ask your buddy if she or he can greet you when you arrive at the station.

I was already matched with a buddy, but could not come to Germany due to Corona. Now I am planning to come to Germany personally and would like to have support from a buddy. Can I get a new buddy?

Please try to get in touch with your previous buddy first. He or she is supposed to help you during your arrival time in Aachen and surely will be happy to finally meet you in person. However, if your first buddy is not available anymore, please contact us via so we can match you with a new buddy.

I'm studying Media Informatics, M.Sc. which is a collaborative study program between RWTH Aachen and the University of Bonn. Can I get a Buddy from the RWTH BeBuddy program even though I live in Bonn?

If you are planning to live in Bonn, we would recommend you to contact the colleagues from the Study-Buddy-Programme at the University of Bonn via . It makes more sense to get support from a local buddy who is familiar with the city where you live, which will be Bonn. We therefore cannot provide you with a Buddy from RWTH Aachen University.