Digitalized Learning Scenarios at RWTH

  Illustration: digital learning scenarios at universities  

As in many other areas of modern society, digitalization plays an increasingly important role in teaching and learning. The University Forum Digitalization (Hochschulforum Digitalisierung) has analyzed digital learning scenarios in higher education and developed the classification system outline on this web page, which comprises eight categories.

Category 1) Enrichment describes traditional teaching scenarios supported by digital media. Category 2) Integration comprises “classic” blended learning approaches. Under category 3) Online Learning pure online formats are subsumed, such as MOOCs, which represent the deepest transformation of traditional formats.

These categories are mutually exclusive, but each can be combined with the other five additional teaching and learning scenarios

4) Interaction and Collaboration

5) Open Educational Resources

6) Game and Simulation

7) Personalization

8) Self-Study

The University Forum’s working paper Ditigal Learning Scenarios in Higher Education is available for download in German: Digitale Lernszenarien im Hochschulbereich

The completed ETS projects have been organized according to learning scenario. On the page ETS Project you can filter your search by learning scenario.