Phase 2: Blended Learning and ETS 2018-2023


RWTH Aachen recognizes the necessity as well as the potential for a timely and thematic expansion of the existing digitization strategy.


The overarching goal of the second phase of the digitalization strategy (de) is the establishment of ideal and sustainable conditions for excellent teaching and learning at RWTH. The full spectrum of didactically sound and appropriate blended learning formats will be fostered in all RWTH faculties.

In order to optimize the development and roll-out of innovative teaching and learning methods as well as improve the effectiveness and cost-efficiency in the long term, three service units (MfL, CiL and ExAcT) were brought together to form the Center for Teaching and Learning Services (CFL).

The Blended Learning and ETS 2018 -2023 Steering Group

The Blended Learning steering group is responsible for strategy development and quality management of digitalization initiatives within RWTH. The steering group combines relevant knowledge about ongoing activities within the faculties. As such, it is in a position to check that the activities supported in the project “Blending Learning and ETS 2018-2023” are consistent with the objectives of the digitalization strategy. When necessary, the steering group can invite didactic and technical experts to provide support.

Members of the Steering Group
Prof. Aloys Krieg Vice-Rector for Teaching
Prof. Heribert Nacken Rector's Delegate for Blended Learning and ETS
Dipl.-Kff. Claudia Römisch Head of DIvision 6.2 - Teaching
Dr. (USA) Colette Knight Coordinator of Blended Learning & ETS 2018-2023
Prof. Martin Baumann Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Kai-Uwe Schröder Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Jakob Beetz Faculty of Architecture
Prof. Erhard Cramer Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences
Prof. Herbert Pfeifer Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering
Prof. Lutz Feld Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences
Dipl.-Ing. Marius Jünemann Faculty of Civil Engineering
Dr. rer.pol. Holger Ketteniß School of Business and Economics
Lena Schrader AStA Chair
Prof. Matthias Müller Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences
Paul Heuermann AStA Speaker
Dr. phil. Malte Persike Scientific Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Services (CLS)
Justus Schwarzott Student Group Speaker in the Senate
Dr.-Ing. Dieter Veit Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. phil. Christoph Wenzel Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Dr.-Ing. Mathias Wien Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology