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Actual Successes of RWTH in the OERContent.nrw Funding Line of Digitale Universität NRW

In 2019, the state of NRW developed the "OERContent.nrw" funding line to support the cross-university development of digital teaching and learning materials. Open Education Resources, OER for short, include all kinds of freely accessible e-learning formats such as online courses, learning videos, podcasts, or virtual laboratories. The prerequisite for funding is the participation of at least three different eligible universities.

A total of 28 applications were submitted, seven of which with participation of RWTH educators.

The global coronavirus pandemic in 2020 highlights the importance of digital teaching formats and freely accessible learning content on the Internet. In recognition of this, the state government decided to increase the “OERContent.nrw” funding volume from five to 10.5 million euros. As a result, it was possible to support all concepts judged to be worthy of funding for a maximum period of two years and with a sum of up to 1.5 million euros.

A total of 28 applications were submitted by consortia. 18 of these applications were approved including five projects with RWTH participation.

With three projects in which RWTH Aachen is consortium leader and two others in which the University is involved, RWTH Aachen successfully acquired the most projects with consortium leadership of all participating universities. This success reflects the high acceptance of OER at the University.

Funded OER Projects with Participation from RWTH
RWTH Applicants OER Project
Prof. Häusler
Martin Lemos
DecisionMaster 2020 – Training Tool for Clinical Decision Making for the Implementation of the National Catalogue of Learning Objectives in Medicine (NKLM)
Prof. Klinkel
Prof. Rexing
Digital Learning Environment – Structural Analysis – as a Holistic Concept
Prof. Nacken
Dr. Persike
Prof. Pufe
Prof. Beyer
Digital Histo Atlas NRW
Prof. Sauer
Stephan Bihn
EOR4EE – Technologies for the Energy Transition

Other OER Projects at RWTH Aachen Aachen


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