Digital Teaching in the Curriculum


The continuous improvement of teaching through the development and meaningful use of didactically sound methods of blended learning has a high priority at RWTH.

Initiatives such as the Exploratory Teaching Space and strategic projects in the faculties provide support for lecturers to implement their innovative teaching ideas. Just as important as the development of successful teaching and learning ideas is their sustainable implementation in the curricula, especially with regard to lecturer-independent use. To support this, the "Digital Teaching in the Curriculum" competition was organized for the first time in 2020.

Funding is provided to improve existing digital offerings (Category 1), as well as the development of new digital offerings (Category II). The decisive factor is that all offerings developed with project funds are sustainably integrated into the modules of the degree program.

56 applications were submitted for the first call in 2020. Of these, 28 projects in Category I were supported with funding totaling approximately 1.1 million Euros. The focus of the 2nd call in spring 2021 will be on category II projects.


Funded Projects – Digital Teaching in the Curriculum