Challenges and Proposal Goals

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The successful completion of studies at RWTH Aachen for 75 percent of students in an annual class should be ensured through innovative teaching and learning concepts and a comprehensive student centered and skill oriented qualification program for all teachers. This goal should be attained no later than ten years from now without compromises being made to RWTH Aachen's existing quality standards. The university's initial midterm goal is a 25 percent increase in the number of successful graduates for cohorts starting winter semester 2011/2012 by 2016. This includes offering RWTH Aachen graduates outstanding career prospects for management positions in science and the economy. Simultaneously, students should develop a stronger identification with their university through tailored mentoring, in order to reduce the number of students who switch subjects or discontinue their students and to reduce the amount of time needed to study.


Proposal Goals

RWTH Aachen wishes to ensure structured, individual-focused mentoring in the necessary breadth and intensity from the start of studies to during studies, due to the the large amount of students and a growing diverse student body. The concept encompasses the advising and technical areas as well as organizational issues regarding the optimization of study conditions. Additional professorships should particular improve the advising situation in subjects that are overwhelmed. The constant increasing need on transdisciplinary, project based thinking will require reinforced teaching in the future, that orients itself on modern teaching and examination methods, on subject knowledge, media skills, and international components. Through the construction of a holistic futher education concept, the support of the university, and networking with its members during trials for new teaching methods, RWTH Aachen wishes to back this development. Professionalization of the current quality assurance system will help to review the ambitious goals and to modify and readjust the measures based on evaluation results in order to attain the goals.