Incentive System Work Group


The existing structure and organization of RWTH Aachen is being strategically further developed through the incentive system for teaching. In the process, the offensive in teaching requires, above all, a changed perception and appreciation of teaching. In order to increase the public effectiveness of teaching, a Teaching Award is already annually awarded at RWTH Aachen. This initiative should be expanded within the faculties and reach to all groups.

Survey "Incentives for Good Teaching"

In order to evaluate, which incentives are well suited for improving the quality of teaching, from RWTH Aachen members' point of view, a survey of all relevant groups was randomly conducted in summer semester 2011 (July 8 to July 24, 2011).

  • Representatives from professors
  • Academic staff
  • Student representatives, such as the Student Union (AStA), student representative councils, student senators, student members of the Rectorate's Committee for Quality Management in Teaching

The survey results enable the formulation of a targeted procedure recommendation for the university. In order to review the incentives with regards to implementation in each RWTH Aachen faculty, high participation is extremely important.


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