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Honoring Outstanding Performance in Teaching

Since 2001, RWTH Aachen has been awarding Teaching Awards in order to recognize outstanding performance in teaching and learning at the University. In 2017, awards were once again given in the two categories of "Instructor of the Year" and the "Project of the Year." The project award is worth 12,000 euros, the instructor award 6,000 euros. The prize money is to be used in teaching and research, whereby at least two thirds of the amount should be dedicated to teaching and learning.

Support of the Learning Process and Superior Involvement

In accordance with RWTH's Excellent Teaching Institutional Strategy, which aims at improving basic teaching at the University, instructors and projects that are particularly committed to outstanding, innovative teaching should be promoted. Outstanding teaching strategies, the support for students, or superior commitment to teaching are at the focus.

Nominations Accepted Until July 17, 2020

The Rector's Office looks forward to numerous nominations. The deadline for nominations is July 17, 2020.


2019 Teaching Award

After a review of the nominations and intense deliberation, the Commission for Quality Management in Teaching recommended the below named members of RWTH for the 2019 Teaching Award. The Rectorate endorsed this vote. The teaching award was presented during the RWTHtransparent ceremony on 31 January, 2020.

  Two men on stage, one holds a certificate Copyright: Heike Lachmann Professor Sauer (l.) and Professor Krieg

Teaching Award in the category “Lecturer”

The Teaching Prize in the category “Lecturer” was given to Professor Dirk Uwe Sauer, from the Chair of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Systems.

Decisive factors for the award were Professor Sauer’s well-prepared and comprehensible presentation of course content, his use of digital teaching methods, such as explanatory videos, slidecasts, videos of experiments or online exercises, as well as his close mentoring of the virtual study environment. Professor Sauer is known for his focus on students’ needs, integrating, for instance, psychological counseling, particularly inspiring and motivating his first-year students, and making everyday study more flexible. He is particularly successful in inspiring first-year students and in leveling the playing field as they start their studies.

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Film: Professor Uwe Sauer
  Group of people on stage, smiling at the camera Copyright: Heike Lachmann Dr. Nicole Faber, Professor Benjamin Stamm, Dr. Christina Roeckerath and Professor Aloys Krieg (left to right)

Teaching Award in the category “Project”

The teaching award in the category “Project” goes to the project CAMMP - Computational And Mathematical Modeling Program. Under the leadership of Dr. Christina Roeckerath, Dr. Nicole Faber, Professor Christina Büsing, Professor Benjamin Stamm, Professor Manuel Torrilhon and Professor Sebastian Walcher, the project pursues a holistic approach to teaching mathematical modeling and illustrates the reasoning for and usefulness of mathematical concepts in solving relevant problems in industry, economy and society.

The target group is not only students, but also pupils and their teachers; course content is largely learned independently with some guidance.

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