Excellent Continued Education at the Center of Excellence in Academic Teaching – ExAcT

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Excellent Academic Teaching, ExAcT (de) for short, is the central point of contact for pedagogical questions and concerns at RWTH Aachen University. It is a sub-unit of the new Center for Teaching and Learning Services CLS (de) for short. With a wide range of continuing education programs, ExAcT accompanies RWTH Aachen University employees in developing excellent teaching skills. Numerous courses, advisory and networking services enable faculty to improve their teaching practices.

Course Offerings

(Prospective) instructors at RWTH Aachen University can choose from a wide range of free courses. The courses offered by ExAcT can be combined to suit your individual needs.

A wide variety of courses enhance your own teaching skills in the following subject areas:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Advising students
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • Innovation in university teaching and learning
  • Offerings for student teachers/tutors

Advising and Networking

Continuing pedagogical education must be geared towards the individual needs of the participants. In addition to continuing education courses, ExAcT also offers a variety of individualized consulting formats such as “Teaching Analysis Poll” or “Decoding the Disciplines.” Regular networking events, such as Lunch Lehre, promote networking within the University and allow instructors to make contacts with colleagues. Furthermore, they provide faculty with the opportunity to keep their knowledge up to date.


ExAcT offers various certificates to document the participant’s additional qualifications in teaching and learning. In the ExAcT certificate program, three modules at different levels assist instructors and interested individuals in developing their pedagogical knowledge and competence. Participants receive a certificate for the completion of each individual module. In addition, after completing the three modules, participants have the opportunity to receive the "Professional Competence for Teaching in Higher Education" certificate from the TU9 University Pedagogy Association. The certificates are recognised throughout the TU9 University Pedagogy Association. In addition to the modular certificate program, ExAcT offers the so-called Online Examination certificate – „Kompetenzpass e-Prüfungen.”