Excellent Continued Education at the Center of Excellence in Academic Teaching – ExAcT

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The Center of Excellence in Academic Teaching, ExAcT for short, offers you a personal path for shaping and improving the quality of your teaching, oriented towards your individual experience values, needs, and questions. A modular continued education program with numerous qualification formats on different topics in university didactics and methodology is available. The program is supplemented with information offers and different formats for interaction, which connect you with experts and promote active dialogue about current developments in university teaching.

Continued Education Offers for Excellent Teaching

Choose the ExAcT qualification formats by picking one of three successive modules from the continued education program: the "basics" module to acquire or refresh fundamentals in higher education pedagogy; the "extensions" module if you have concrete disciplinary questions or topics for us; or the "advanced" module, where you can implement your creative ideas to plan and conduct your own teaching project supported by someone in the ExAcT team.

The seminar offer encompasses the following thematic focuses:

  • University Didactics Classics
  • Blended Learning
  • Internationalization and Diversity
  • Soft Skills
  • Testing
  • Various individual seminars, so-called Specials

Aside from the information event Blended Learning at RWTH Aachen a number of seminars and trainings dealing with Blended Learning are offered are also offered on this topic.

In addition to the qualification program you have the possibility to participate in the Excellence in Academic Teaching certificate program. The three certificates, which build on one another, allow you to acquire comprehensive certification of your higher education didactic qualification and your personal involvement in the improvement of the quality of teaching. Additionally, we offer you the possibility to further educate yourself in certain focus areas and to complete and acquire qualification for this focus area.

Individual teaching coaching is an exclusive offer for professors, offering them an intensive analysis and advising to optimize courses and personal teaching skills. Together with a coach, professors select content from a spectrum of possible university didactic topics and questions, which are then individually prepared for tailored coaching.

Diverse Information and Networking Offers

In the Network & Transfer area ExAcT offers you multiple approaches to stay up to date with higher education didactic and media developments. The Information Services provide you with helpful and comprehensive tips about informative events such as permanent access to materials, methods, and tools for application in teaching.

Do you wish that you had disciplinary and interdisciplinary contact with colleagues? ExAcT bundles together all the continued education offers and actors at RWTH Aachen University in Collegial Visitation and Advising and assists with the allocation of a partner to visit your class. The ExAcT Teaching Lunch serves as a platform to dialgoue about best practices among teachers.

Didactic Teaching Research in the Context of Different Media

Through the structural consolidation of all ExAcT activities, the Scientific Studies promote the research, development, and application of differentiated and excellent teaching methods and forms of testing. A central research field illustrates the application-oriented, student-centered teaching research on these media-didactic questions within the context of various academic cultures. Aside from topics of focus such as "Evaluation in Teaching" or "Teaching 2020" with a focus on digital game based learning, the ExAcT Qualification Model

forms a didactic-methodological concept, based on fundamentals in learning psychology and experience-based learning, a crucial keystone for the continuous generation of ExAcT Qualification continued education content.