RWTH Aachen Map of Processes


The Map of Processes as Structuring Element for RWTH Aachen

The managing of processes is an essential part of quality control – checking, measuring and evaluating – and it therefore also acts as orientation framework for quality management in the area of teaching and learning at RWTH Aachen. The attached map of processes serves as an entry point to understanding the process-oriented part of the quality management system and is meant to give a structured overview regarding the existing processes at the university as well as their interdependencies within RWTH.

Every process, even those beyond teaching and learning, can be depicted on the map of processes or is already embedded in it.

  RWTH Aachen Map of Processes RWTH Aachen Map of Processes

The Core Process of Teaching and Learning

The focus lies on the core process of teaching and learning, which in turn is guided, or assisted, by university management and support processes.

The process of teaching and learning underlies the demands of RWTH stakeholders – input – and is thus meant to offer competence-based, research-oriented training that is closely related to practice and eventually leads to the development of highly qualified, responsible graduates – output geared to the target group.

This process also includes the control circuit of quality control, the so-called PlanDoCheckAct, which is meant to ensure the continuous improvement of the core process itself. Thus, the core process covers everything related to teaching and learning – from the planning stages of going to university to the course work itself, from the evaluation of courses of study to their further development.

Since the process map at hand is about a representation of RWTH in its entirety, the core processes of research, transfer and continuing education – being strategic spheres of activity for RWTH – are also included.

First on the agenda at the moment is the establishment of structures with regard to teaching and learning. The process map can also be of use in the other three areas at a later date, but for now it is designed in particular to smooth the way for the consistent management of processes.