Portal for Processes Involved with Teaching and Learning


New Process Portal Online

The new process portal teaching and learning can be accessed by going through the RWTH network as of September 30, 2016.



What is the process portal for and whom does it address?

The basis for process management with regard to teaching and learning is constituted by the overriding quality targets, which help identify the relevant processes for quality. These are then documented and modelled by the persons responsible for the respective processes. Once approved, these processes are publicized on the portal for processes involved with teaching and learning, so that all stake holders – students, lecturers and employees – can view the relevant information.

Utilizing synergy – a portal for the university showing the processes involved with teaching and learning!

As of September 30, 2016, RWTH Aachen has a new portal for the processes involved with teaching and learning. The portal is an important milestone for the construction of a quality management system with regard to teaching and learning at RWTH. The decision making processes, competencies and responsibilties documented there, help the university to ensure the quality of the core process that is teaching and learning, to increase transparency in relevant processes and to improve the flow of information between all involved.

This new portal originated from a collaboration between Division 6.2 – teaching and learning and the PuL Project. Part of the internal RWTH Aachen Wiki, which has been created within the framework of the PuL Project, has now been further developed and turned into the portal concerned with processes involved with teaching and learning.


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