Evaluation Report of the Student Course Evaluation


Common Questions About the Analysis Report

What is the evaluation report?

The evaluation report, available as a pdf document, contains a comprehensive graphic presentation of the results. In addition to a histogram for each question on a scale, there is a profile line for all such questions. Answers to the open ended questions are sorted.

If the questionnaire contains summarizing indicators or quality guidelines, these are also shown; a traffic light model shows the obtain value as well as the defined minimum value. Comparisons with standard data are shown in an overview as profile lines. A cover page as well as presentation templates, to discuss the evaluation in event for example, supplement the report.

When are the evaluation reports sent?

You will receive an evaluation report as a pdf directly after the questionnaires have been sent to the switchboard. If you have not received the evaluation report after five business days including via mail, please contact  Magdalena Neumann.

How is it possible to differentiate between courses with the same name, for example lectures and tutorials, in the evaluation report?

One can differentiate between courses of the same name, in that the respective type of course, that is lecture, tutorial, or practical experience, as well as the subject of the email and the report header of the profile line view of the evaluation report can all be viewed.

Is it possible to evaluate the German and English questionnaires for a course together?

No, this is not possible due to the different distributed evaluation numbers. However, you have the possibility to select a bilingual questionnaire. Sample questionnaires can help you orient yourself.

What happens to the individual questionnaires that are sent back after successful evaluation has already been completed?

Unfortunately, individual questionnaires cannot be taken into consideration if they are received after evaluation has been successfuly completed.

What measures are derived from the Student Course Evaluation?

These measures are discussed in depth on the Student Course Evaluation Results page.

Are the Student Course Evaluation results publicized?

You can find detailed information about this on the results page as well.

Whom can I contact if I have questions about the student course evaluations?

If you have questions about the student course evaluations, please contact Maik Egyptien.