Discussion of Results from the Student Course Evaluations


Common Questions About the Discussion of Results

What is the purpose of discussing the results?

At the request of the RWTH Aachen rector, teachers and students should discuss the results of the student course evaluation together. This discussion helps teachers to better understand students' judgements. This discussion gives student the opportunity to more precisely present their ideas for good teaching.

When does the discussion with students take place?

The discussion should take place after the results have been evaluted, in cases of exception at the end of the lecture period, during the last class session at the latest. The earlier the results are discussed, the better of a chance you have to respond to criticsm or desires for change from the students and to implement them in the course of the class.

How should results be discussed?

Teachers discuss the results of the individual surveys with students in the corresponding course. The lecturer decides for him or herself how to initiate the discussion and present the results. It is important the students receive feedback on their answers and that changes and measures are arranged.

The results are discussed at least once a semester in the respective faculty council with the participation of the students, and measures for quality improvement are determined and reviewed. Through the autonomy of the individual faculties, conversations are conducted on improving each course between the lecturers, whose courses were evaluated under average and the dean of studies. The answers on the quality of the course, on the teaching of course content, and the teacher's behavior should primarily be used as quality criteria for a underaverage evaluation. Then the overall grade for the concept of the course and the overall grade for the lecturer should come into play. Criteria such as the size of the course, mandatory or elective, type of course, and offers from the service area should be taken into consideration during these conversations. Furthermore, conversations on the results of the student course evaluations take place between the individual faculties and the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning every semester. These conversations are headed by the dean of studies and the corresponding delegate for the courses of study. The measures from the student course evaluations are integrated into the catalog of measures for the course of study evaluation.

Are there other opportunities for discussing the results?

The Rector's Office finds it important for students to be informed of the results of the course. This can occur, for example, in a discussion in a classroom.

Whom can I contact if I have questions about the student course evaluations?

If you have questions about the student course evaluations, please contact Maik Egyptien.