Online Survey


Common Questions About the Online Survey

Can the student course evaluations also be conducted online?

The entries in Campus determine whether the evaluation of your course takes place online or in paper form. Teachers have the possibility under "Meine Lehrevaluation" in Campus, to choose the online method for the evaluation of their course. If this option is not chosen, you will automatically received the paper-based questionnaire.  You can read more information about this in the Handbook for Campus Entries (de).

How is the online survey executed?

The entries in Campus form the foundation for completing the online evaluation . Here you can change the send date for the transaction numbers (TANs) and the end date for the online survey.

For the online evaluation you can choose between two possibilities, either cutting out the TANs and handing them out in the respective course or having them sent per email direct to the students. More information is available in the Procedure Outline for the Online Survey (de).

For the latter possiblitiy, students in courses with a registration processes, automatically receive a link through EvaSys to participate in the survey. Links for participation can be sent to students in courses without registration processes, if you send a text file with the student email addresses listed one under the other via . More information is available in the Handbook for Exporting Email Addresses from Campus. After clicking on the link, students can fill out the questionnaire, formated as an HTML document, on any computer without a problem.

If you did not choose to have the TANs automatically sent, then you will receive a TAN list for the send date you entered.  The TANs must be cut out and handed out in your course, at best within the evaluation period.

Are there particular questionnaires for the online survey?

The content of the online questionnaire is exactly the same as that of the paper questionnaire.

When is the online survey closed?

You can arrange a specific date in Campus to end the survey, under the settings for "Meine Lehrevaluation". Otherwise, the online surveys are automatically closed four weeks before lectures end. As soon as the online survey has closed, you will receive an analysis as a pdf file.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the online survey?


  • Duplicates of the questionnaire are avoided.
  • There are no evaluations with mistakes, since the questionnaires do not have to be scanned.
  • The risk of misuse is smaller.


The rate of response is, in our experience, much lower. This depends on the additional involvement of students.  Thus, it is important, that teachers consistently remind students to actively participate in the online survey.

Whom can I contact if I have questions about the student course evaluations?

You can contact Maik Egyptien if you have questions about the student course evaluations.