Student Course Evaluation Deadlines


Evaluation Period

The Rectorate Committee for Quality Management in Teaching resolved that the questionnaires for the student course evaluations would be filled out during the courses in the evaluation period. The evaluation period is in the middle of the lecture period, eight weeks after lectures start, and lasts two weeks. The evaluation period for the respective semester is announced to teachers via an information letter before lectures begin. Students are informed via email.

Block courses, courses during the lecture-free period, and other courses that vary from the regular lecture period are not affected by the evaluation period. In some exceptions, evaluations are possible before or after the evaluation period. The student course evaluation should be completed no later than 14 days before lectures, that is the course, ends, so that enough time remains, to evaluate and discuss the results with students.

Campus Entries

Entries in Campus for the current semester are possible up until two weeks after lecture begin. You can make entries for the upcoming semester in Campus, during the current semester as well. Please make sure that you choose the correct semester when making entries in Campus.

This procedure outline (de) can help you if you have questions about Campus entries for the student course evaluations.

Send and End Date of Online Survey

As long as the send date under "Meine Lehrevaluation" in Campus was not changed, the transaction numbers for the online survey will be sent at the beginning of the evaluation period. You can find more information in the Handbook for Online Evaluations (de).

The online survey is closed four weeks before lectures end, as long as another end date was not entered in Campus under "Meine Lehrevaluation". Otherwise you will receive an evaluation report on the date entered in Campus.