Common Questions About Participating in the Course Evaluations

Who participates in the student course evaluations?

All teachers at RWTH Aachen participate in the student course evaluations, as long as the course has at least ten students.

Members of RWTH Aachen put forth effort to fufill their responsibilities at the highest level of quality and are required, in their services, to participate in the implementation of the quality evaluation process.

How do I participate in the student course evaluations?

Participation in the student course evaluations takes place through entries in Campus. As soon as you have confirmed your course in Campus, you can make entries under "Meine Lehrevaluation" for the student course evaluations. You can find more information about this in the Handbook for Campus Entries (de). This is only done once.  This way you receive your questionnaires and TANs every semester when lectures begin.

If you do not have a log-in under the roll "Dozenten", please contact the person responsible for the account at your chair or a professor.

If the entries for the current semester have already closed, then please write an with the teacher's information, the name of the course, the course number, the type of questionnaire (online or paper based and English or German).

Are there negative consequences for me if I do not participate in the student course evaluations?

The deans of studies are informed of which teachers participate and do not participate, so that, if need be, they can ask what teachers' reasons are for not participating.

I did not receive any or the correct questionnaire. Campus entries are already closed.

Just send an stating what you would like to change.

Is it possible to have the course evaluated, before the questionnaires are officially sent?

Yes, please contact Maik Egyptien.

Is it possible to have a course evaluated that first takes place after lectures have officially ended, that is in the lecture-free period?

Yes, however it should be ensured that the results are discussed with the students.

I was sick for a long time during the semester. Does it make sense to evaluate the course?

It is up to your discretion, whether or not an evaluation makes sense. If the course took place, the responsible substitute can also conduct the survey.

Do I have to participate in the student course evaluations every semester?

Every course should be evaluated, every semester is is offered.

How is the anonymity of students ensured?

Students' anonymity is ensured in that their names and ID numbers are not needed to fill out the questionnaires. Students can also refrain from entering personal data if they wish.

All RWTH Aachen teachers participate in the student course evaluations with each course in each semester, as long as they have at least ten students in their class. Due to data protection reasons, it is recommended that course evaluations for classes with less than five students take place in more suitable form.

Student course evaluations are also not recommended for classes that take place in the form of lecture series with more than two teachers per semester.  Evaluations in a more suitable form, such as through personal discussions, or a discussion in a virtual classroom are recommended. The individual evaluation of teachers is possible for classes with at least two teachers, where most of the class took place through a lecture series, if the academic staff so desire and agree

Non independent academic teaching staff have the choice to participate in the student course evaluations under the name of the responsible professor.

Whom can I contact if I have questions about the student course evaluations?

If you have questions about the student course evaluations, you can contact Maik Egyptien.