Individual Evaluation Field in the Student Course Evaluations


Common Questions About the Individual Evaluation Field

What is the individual evaluation field?

The individual evaluation field allows teachers to add additional questions to the standard questionnaire.

What is the difference between directly sending the standard questionnaire and sending the individual evaluation field?

If the standard questionnaire is directly sent, then you will receive the questionnaire directily via email as a pdf. It is no longer possible to enter additional questions at that point.

By sending the individual evaluation fieild, you have the possiblity of supplementing the standard questionnaire with your additional individual questions. The email contacts the corresponding links for this.  After clicking on the links, you can enter your supplementary questions. You can find more information about this in the Handbook for the Individual Evaluation Field (de).

I want to enter additional questions, but never receive the individual evaluation fields. What do I do?

The individual evaluation fields are only sent if teachers answered the questions "Zusatzfragen erwünscht?" with "Ja" under "Meine Lehrevaluations" in Campus.  In all other cases, you will immediately receive the standard questionnaire as a pdf.

If Campus entries for the current semester are already closed, please send us an . You can find more information in the Handbook for Entries in Campus (de).

Please note that the individual evaluation fields are sent per type of class.  If you have three lectures in the current semester, for example, the links for these individual evaluation fields are sent in one email. Please check to make sure that emails from us contain these links.

How do I enter additional questions?

You can find detailed directions on how to do this in the Handbook for Individual Evaluation Fields (de).

How can I check the questions I entered again?

By clicking "Abbrechen" you will remain in the individual evaluation field.

Can I use my old questionnaire with the individual questions again the next semester?

Unfortunately this is not possible, since you receive a new questionnaire every semester.  However you have the possibility to save your questions in the questionnaire library.  You can find detailed information about this in the Handbook for the Individual Evaluation Field (de).

The system automatically closed. What happened?

Please note that you will automatically be logged out of the system after 60 minutes, if you are not currently working in it. A second log in is not possible unfortunately. If you would like to access the individual evaluation field again, please send us an .

Whom can I contact if I have questions about the student course evaluations?

If you have questions about the student course evaluations, please contact Maik Egyptien.