Conducting the Survey


Common Questions About Conducting the Survey

When is the survey conducted?

The Rectorate Committee for Quality Management in Teaching has resolved that the questionnaires for the student course evaluations should be filled out in class during the evaluation period. The evaluation period takes place in the middle of the lecture period and lasts two weeks.

In the Rectorate Committee for Quality Management in Teaching work group, the time of the survey with the class is discussed. The resulting decision was that the evaluation, where possible, should take place in the middle of the class, for example because students take a break, in order to involve as many students in the respective course as possible.

When should the survey be finished in exceptional cases?

14 days after lectures have ended, at the latest, so that enough time remains to analyse and discuss the results with students.

Can I give students the questionnaire to take home with them to fill them out?

This is possible, but not recommended, since the response rate is usually lower if students fill the survey out at home. A higher response rate is reached, when then questionnaires are filled out in the lecture hall and collected immediately again. Furthermore, the filled out questionnaires should be collected in a sealed envelope and sent via inter-office mail to the switchboard.

Do I need to pay attention to anything when printing out the questionnaire?

Pleased printed out the personalized questionnaire double sided, that is one piece of paper per quesionnaire, on white paper, so that corner markings and evaluation numbers in the lower margin are recognizable. You can find detailed information about this in the Handbook on Printing Out the Questionnaire (de).

Do I need to pay attention to anything when conducting the survey?

  • Please explain the purpose of conducting the survey.
  • Explain to them the correct way to fill the survey using the Tips for Successful Completion (de).
  • Provide information about how and in what form, students results will be answered and discussed with them.

How do you correctly fill out the questionnaire?

Detailed information about this can be found in the Guidelines for Correctly Filling Out the Questionnaire (de).

Who collects the filled out questionnaires?

The questionnaires are collected by the students and sent in a sealed envelope by the students or teachers directly to the RWTH Aachen switchboard via internal mail to be scanned, so that neither teachers nor students can view the evaluation.

Starting at what class size are the evaluations useful?

All RWTH Aachen teachers participate in the student course evaluations with each course in each semester, as long as they have at least ten students in their class.

Due to data protection reasons, it is recommended that course evaluations for classes with less than five students take place in more suitable form.

Student course evaluations are also not recommended for classes that take place in the form of lecture series with more than two teachers per semester.  Evaluations in a more suitable form, such as through personal discussions, or a discussion in a virtual classroom are recommended.

The individual evaluation of teachers is possible for classes with at least two teachers, where most of the class took place through a lecture series, if the academic staff so desire and agree.

What can I do as a teacher to further motivate students to reliably fill out the questionnaire?

  • Discuss the results with your students.
  • Directly implement viable changes, for example speaking more slowly, using a microphone or something similar, to show the students you are prepared to improve the class.
  • Explain to the students, why you proceed and act the way you do, for example not using cursive or similar actions.
  • Signal to students, that you are always open to constructive criticism, questions, and comments, and not just during the evaluation period.

What happens if multiple teachers have a class together?

The respective teachers to be evaluated must be chosed in CAMPUS under "Meine Lehrevaluation". The individual steps are explained in the Hanbook for Campus Entries (de).

Whom can I contact if I have questions about the student course evaluations?

If you have questions about the student course evaluations, please contact Maik Egyptien.