Process Management Teaching and Learning



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Why Process Management?

The focus is the university's internal quality management system regarding teaching and learning. For the purpose of quality control the relevant structures and processes are checked to ensure that the specific quality objectives and a high quality of teaching in general are reached.

Requirements for Process Management

  • Decision making processes and responsibilities in the regulation system for teaching and learning or in the internal quality ensurance system are clearly defined and publicized university-wide
  • The basis for the provision of information is the identification, documentation and publication of quality-ensuring processes in teaching and learning
  • Task: Identification and mapping/modelling of the quality-relevant processes and publication in the Prozessportal Wiki intern (de)
  Workflow Process Managment Workflow Process Managment


  • Continuous improvement process: continuous quality control as well as optimization of processes in the core process of teaching and learning
  • Improved understanding of coherencies regarding processes or parts of processes
  • Improved flow of information
  • Fast implementaton of solutions to problems
  • Increase in efficiency of processes
  • Increased transparency


  • Safeguarding and passing on of organisational knowledge by means of documentation
    • Support when training new personel
  • Improved coordination by establishing clarity with regard to tasks, time frames and responsibilities
    • Significant economy of time
    • Improved understanding regarding the procedures followed in other departments
  • Fast access to current documents
    • For instance via the search function
  • Recognizing potential for optimization
    • Departmental responsibilities are well defined so that mistakes, problems in communication and delays can be avoided


  • Need for persons taking responsibility for each single process
  • Additional value only by keeping processes current and well-maintained
  • Visibility and simple access for all stake holders
  • Acceptance: essential factor for acceptance is the user-friendly IT support