RWTHonline Fully Live

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RWTHonline Team



RWTHonline went live for the whole student life cycle in Winter Semester 18/19 – replacing the former IT systems in place for the organization of studies and teaching.

RWTHonline was implemented in three stages. The pilot stage started on July 10, 2017, and saw the Bachelor’s in Chemistry and the Master’s in Political Science both go live – an initial test to ensure RWTHonline was a safe system that could be implemented across the whole university. On December 4, 2017, the areas of application and admission management as well as student and fee management went live. This meant RWTH’s largest group of users – its students – got access to RWTHonline. In the final project stage, which spanned from July through December 2018, the areas of study program management, course and classroom management, as well as exam management gradually all went live.

Around 2,500 RWTH employees are now working with the new system. In Winter Semester 2018/19, around 7,500 applicants were newly enrolled via RWTHonline, 39,500 re-enrollment requests were submitted, and around 45,000 students successfully signed up for their classes.

RWTH staff members can find further information and manuals in our internal Wiki.

Follow this link to find FAQs on RWTHonline.