Student Life Cycle



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Student Life Cycle

The student life cycle encompasse all the responsibilities and areas of students, teachers, and administrative employees, that occur or are touched upon throughout the course of an academic education.

For students in Bachelor and Master courses of study it contains all steps from the application for a study placement, admission and enrollment, to the participation in courses and exams, to graduate and termination of enrollment. The availability of examination regulations and planning courses is particularly important in teaching. Keeping an eye on exams particularly, all processes surrounding student registrations and performances related to course offerings are extremely important.

Each of the outlined steps requires certain processes, that primarily have to be electronically mapped and many of which are already running at RWTH Aachen with IT support. A new integrated campus management system, RWTHonline, is expected to model all of the important parts of the student life cycle based on software. Implementing this is one of two main PuL project goals.