PuL in the New Teaching and Learning Process Portal



Linda Campo


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In September 2016, RWTH Aachen launched its new Teaching & Learning Process Portal, complementing and expanding the internal RWTH Wiki.

The RWTH Wiki established in 2013 as part of the PuL project to provide information about the most important legal regulations, internal guidelines, and work processes surrounding exam, course, and student management.

As part of the new quality management system for teaching and learning, all processes derived from RWTH’s quality objectives are now depicted alongside the processes surrounding exam and course management.

The new process portal is as an important step in establishing a quality management system, as it serves to improve the processes and procedures in teaching and learning. The decision making processes, competences and responsibilities defined and described in the portal help university members to effectively carry out the processes in teaching and learning, increase their transparency, and improve the flow of information between all involved individuals. Moreover, the portal serves as a resource of training for new employees. The portal will be continually expanded to include all quality-relevant processes in teaching and learning.

A new element for the documentation of processes is the process map, which also serves as a structuring tool for new processes still to be documented.

The Teaching and Learning Process Portal can be accessed from within the RWTH network, informing members of the University on topics such as:

  • Development of a course of study
  • Further development of a course of study
  • Discontinuation of a course of study
  • Sending emails to all RWTH students

The process portal is cordinated and maintained by PuL team member Linda Campo.