PuL Project


The project "Reorganization of Processes Regarding Exam and Course Management Including the Introduction of an Integrated Software Solution", PuL for short, aims for a long-term improvement in all processes implicated in the Student Life Cycle. The project encompasses all areas concerned – from application to graduation – based on Bachelor and Master courses of study.

The project was launched in 2011 and will finish at the end of winter semester 2019/20, when RWTHonline will go into full operation. The project objectives were implemented over several phases.

Since winter semester 2018/19, the majority of the processes in application and admissions management, student and fee management, event and classroom management, and program and examination management have been supported by the new campus management software.

Once RWTHonline was introduced, the main focus from the start-up phase to the end of winter semester 2019/20 will be on consolidating the software and processes as well as improving user-friendliness.

Some of the key topics of the start-up phase are:

  • Optimizing usability
  • Consolidating processes, functions, and data on RWTHonline
  • Gradually transferring the project structure into a process-oriented structure
  • Finalizing the support concept
  • Connecting exam management with the planning tool carpe diem!
  • Transferring the organization and telephone directory from CAMPUS to RWTHonline

At the end of the start-up phase, the PuL project will be complete and RWTHonline will be in regular operation.

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