Questions and Anwers round about the Graduation Celebration

Who can participate?

Please note that successful completion of a degree at RWTH Aachen and pre-registration for the Graduation Celebration are mandatory prerequisites for you to receive further information about how to purchase tickets.

You can find detailed information about the eligibility for participation here.

Can graduates participate who did not pre-register?

All graduates from the summer semester of 2019 and the winter semester of 2019/20 who have pre-registered will be contacted in July 2020 and receive information on how to acquire tickets for the event.

Graduates who did not pre-register do not receive this information, and they cannot participate. For this reason, we recommend (prospective) graduates to pre-register for the event, in particular as pre-registration is not binding.

Pre-registration is a requirement for being able to participate in the event.

How does pre-registration work?

1st Step: Non-binding pre-registration

RWTH Aachen graduates can pre-register themselves and up to three guests in the registration portal to participate in the 2020 Graduation Celebration.

2nd Step: Purchase Tickets for Binding Registration

Pre-registered individuals are informed via email on how and where to purchase tickets for the Graduation Celebration. You and your guests are only registered to participate in the Graduation Celebration after you have purchased the appropriate number of tickets.

Cost of Participation in the Graduation Celebration:

Participation in the Graduation Celebration costs approximately 20 euros plus fees per person. These costs will only be charged upon successful purchase. You will not be charged for pre-registering.

You will still have an opportunity to cancel your pre-registration.

When can I purchase tickets?

Starting mid-July, you can purchase tickets online for yourself and up to three guests. If you have pre-registered for the event, you will automatically receive an email at the beginning of July, providing you with information on ticket prices and how to purchase tickets.

Can graduates bring more than three guests?

If there are any spots left, all those who pre-registered and are eligible to participate will be informed in August via email how to purchase them. A reservation by the Organization Team is not possible.

Can I temporarily leave the grounds during the event?

Due to the admission situation, you have to stay in the grounds once you have entered. In emergencies, please speak to the security personnel at the respective gate.

Are children allowed to attend?

Children are, of course, allowed to attend the event.

Children ages 2 to 14 pay 50 percent of the original ticket price and will receive a surprise at the RWTH info booth.

Admission is free for children ages 0 to 1. However, they do not get their own seat. 

Are animals allowed in the stadium?

No. No exceptions will be made.

Is there catering?

Yes, there will be different catering stands throughout the grounds of the dressage stadium, where participants can buy a "stadium-appropriate" lunch and drinks.

Each graduate is provided with a bottle of water at their seat.

Visitors are not permitted to bring their own food, especially beverages.

Can I bring my own beverages onto the ALRV grounds?

No. Baby food is an exception, however.

Are food/beverages allowed in the graduate seating area?

Gradutes may not bring food or beverages with them during the procession inside. There will be a bottle of water for each graduate at their seat.

Your guests can bring beverages from the catering stands to their seats. Please make sure to dispose of any trash afterwards.

What happens if there is bad weather?

The Graduation Celebration will still take place if it rains. The event will only be cancelled or discontinued if it storms. The seats in the stands are covered, but the gradutes' seats are not. If rain is foreseeable we will offer graduates rain ponchos. However we are optimistic the day will be beautiful and sunny.

Is there a dress code?

During the official program graduates will wear black graduation caps and sashes, which they are receiving from RWTH as a memorabilia gift.

The event should have a celebratory air to it, and graduates are purposefully placed in the middle of stadium to be "put on show." In this respect, we ask that you wear appropriate clothing. However, please be mindful when choosing your shoes, since graduates will be standing on a sandy area before they march into the stadium. There are sandy and gravel surfaces throughout the dressage stadium.

Is childcare offered during the event?

A childcare service is likely going to be offered. Further information will follow later.

Are bags and backpacks allowed on the grounds?

Small bags are allowed on the grounds. Security will be checking all bags at the entrance. Larger bags, backpacks, and suitcases are not permitted.

Is there a lost and found for items left behind on the day of the event?

On the day of the graduation celebration, several lost and found objects were handed in. If you are missing any of your valuables, please contact us to arrange for a pick-up time.

Simply send an email to graduiertenfest@rwth-aachen.de